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There’s an Election Coming, Right? Campus 

There’s an Election Coming, Right?

We are all completely burnt out at this point. It turns out that running on five hours of sleep every night is like putting diesel in a Formula 1 car. It just won’t perform as well as it should. Because of our responsibilities as students, we must carry on with the tedium that is Cegep. There’s no way around it. Or is there?

It’s proven that the students most satisfied with their Cegep experience are the ones most involved in the school community. You are a student. You are presented with the greatest of all political forms, democracy. Use it to its full potential. Whether it be advocating for reduced parking fees, imagining new ways of strengthening student belonging, proposing student consultations, or starting an investment club, you are so very capable of contributing to the Vanier community in so many ways.

But let’s segue into what brought me to write this article in the first place. The VCSA electoral campaign will take place in the next few weeks. There will be a legion of candidates bringing innovative ideas to the table. I don’t know about you, but to say I’m fired up about the upcoming campaign would be the understatement of the millennium.

Until then, have a good one!

By Perry Nikoletos

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