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Vanier singers wanted for upcoming Unplugged – Intercollegiate Singing Competition Campus 

Vanier singers wanted for upcoming Unplugged – Intercollegiate Singing Competition

Are you a singer? Are you the self-proclaimed king or queen of karaoke? Do you want to show your singing talents to the world? With the QASAP Intercollegiate Unplugged Singing Competition coming up, you no longer have to use your vocals all alone when you’re in your car listening to the radio!

What’s the Unplugged Singing Competition, you may ask? As the name suggests, it’s an intercollegiate singing competition between all the six major English colleges in Quebec. The competition will premiere on YouTube on Thursday, April 7, at 7 pm. The competition will feature three performers from each college. This means there will be three singers from Vanier that will participate in the contest. Each performance will be judged by three yet-to-be-announced professional artists. The first-place winner will get a $150 gift card, with the second-place winner getting a $100 gift card, and the third-place winner getting a $50 gift card – all from Archambault.

How do you get selected on the competition team? Glad you asked! Potential participants have until Wednesday, March 16, to either send a clip of them singing to or a MIO Kristen Whitelaw to schedule an in-person audition. Vanier Student Life will then choose the three best performers to represent Vanier at the competition.

What are the requirements? All songs should be in English, but French is also accepted (because, you know, Quebec). Original songs and covers are accepted, but it cannot exceed more than 4 minutes. There can only be one singer per performance, but another student with an instrument can accompany them. As you’ve guessed, acoustic instruments are also allowed in the performance.

As always, if you have any more questions, send a MIO to Kristen Whitelaw. If everything’s clear, it’s time to make Vanier proud again! 
By Jacques Wang

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