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The Female Force

Recently, a friend of mine gave me the amazing opportunity to interview the Female Force Club at Marianopolis college. Female Force is a club that promotes female empowerment through necessary discussions on feminism, intersectionality, inclusivity, and their multiple fundraisers at school that support women across Montreal. 

I had the chance to speak with the wonderful women that make up the team of the Female Force! There is Kennedy, the administrative director of the club, Emily, the president, Danae, the director of communications, Andrea, the director of finances, and Camille, the Creator Director. 

At Marianopolis, the Female Force hosts community building activities such as movie nights, bingo nights, self-defence classes and most recently a clothing drive! They have also done fundraisers such as bake sales and raised up to $500 for the Native Women’s shelter of Montreal. They change the organizations they donate to with the intent to make their impact across Montreal. Their overall goal is to promote awareness and a safe environment for female students on their campus. Their club, which is made up of about forty members also promotes gender inclusivity in the sense that male students are invited to join with club promotion and important discussions! 

Talking with these girls on their reasons for joining the club as well as incredible work they have done on their campus and across Montreal was refreshing and truly inspiring. The Female Force wants to make their mission an intercollegiate one, and The Insider wishes to give them the platform to spread their message. If you are interested in joining or creating a Female Force club at Vanier or wish to get involved in donating to their worthy cause, you can feel free to message them on Instagram, @femaleforce_ or feel free to message myself through MIO for how you can help!

The Female Force is an inspiring cause, and it has the potential to empower women in cegeps all over Montreal. If you were looking for a sign to get involved on campus, this is it.

By Isabella Del Grosso


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