You are here is here for your mental support! Campus is here for your mental support!

Do you want to find a safe place to talk about your feelings? Do you want help to help people raise awareness about mental health? Do you want to participate in activities to socialize and boost your morale? is here for you! is Canada’s only charity training and empowering young leaders to revolutionize mental health. was founded to prevent the rise of suicidal thoughts in youth across the country. All leaders are trained to talk, present and raise awareness and dismantle barriers to ensure positive mental health…

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Get into the spirit of giving while on campus Campus 

Get into the spirit of giving while on campus

With the Holiday season approaching, the Vanier Key Society and I have launched a fundraiser this November. This fundraiser is for the Shoe Box Project. The Shoe Box Project is a non-profit organization that gives back to women impacted by homelessness through gift-filled shoeboxes. These small gifts are a way to remind them just how valuable they are. Additionally, it is a great way to share compassion, empathy and kindness with women in shelters. Although we’ve already had our bake sale, you can still get involved! We encourage you to…

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Halloween Activities on Campus and More! Campus 

Halloween Activities on Campus and More!

Hey, Vanier Students! Are you ready to celebrate Halloween on Campus? Get excited because Vanier Student Life, VCSA, and Vanier MEDLIFE have organized many fun activities for you!!  The VCSA organizes multiple Halloween activities and events on Campus. On October 25th, there will be a pumpkin stress ball giveaway at the VCSA Office C-214. On October 26th, there will be Halloween cookies at the VCSA Office C-214. On October 27th, the VCSA organized a pumpkin carving contest that will be happening during UB in the tent between the D &…

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New Things Happening on Campus Campus 

New Things Happening on Campus

Hello Vanier students, welcome back to school! There are a lot of new things around campus. A few things are happening around campus for those interested in joining activities on campus or just finding something to do on campus.  You have recently seen tents that are placed around the campus. Some tents are for you to sit and eat and in. Using the tents does include following protocols of maintaining a two-meter distance, respecting a maximum 15-minute occupation of a spot. Once you are seated in your spot, you have…

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College Covid Case Count Now on Omnivox Campus 

College Covid Case Count Now on Omnivox

A little disclaimer for those who have not been made aware yet, every Tuesday and Friday on Omnivox, there will be updates on our case count at Vanier.  As of now, the current number of total cases is thirty-six, and we have an average of nine cases every week. While this number may be relatively small compared to a large number of students and staff currently at school, it is important to continue to follow public health guidelines. Wash your hands, wear your mask correctly, maintain a distance of two…

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Upcoming VCSA By-Elections Campus 

Upcoming VCSA By-Elections

The VCSA By-Elections are currently underway. The positions that are available for the upcoming By-Elections are: Treasurer, Internal Affairs Coordinator, Academic affairs Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, Clubs Coordinator, and Community Coordinator.   A very brief description of each of the position’s roles and responsibilities:  The treasurer is to be responsible for the management of the Association’s finances.   The Internal Affairs Coordinator is responsible for acting as the official coordinator of internal communication within the executive council.  The Academic Affairs Coordinator is responsible for being the liaison between the academic council and the…

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Back to School under COVID – Interview with Director General John McMahon Campus 

Back to School under COVID – Interview with Director General John McMahon

It was the moment that many Vanier students were hoping for: going back to in-person learning. For returning and new students, the idea and experience of going back to school under a pandemic can create a mixed bag of emotions. From the excitement of seeing friends and teachers again to fear over catching the virus in the classrooms, here at the Insider, we have asked our own Director-General, John McMahon, about his thoughts and feelings about going back to school on campus, in the hopes of enlightening and reassuring students….

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The Interviews of VSuccess Campus 

The Interviews of VSuccess

VSuccesses’ interview with Vanier’s Director General John McMahon allows viewers a glimpse into the life of an educator with amassed diverse experiences and interests. He speaks candidly of his experience teaching in Nunavik and the Caribbean, as well as his passion for hockey. Mr. McMahon discusses how his positive influence as a teacher has helped him be happily satisfied in his career as an educator. Making a point to highlight the Vanier graduation ceremonies, he calls attention to their inspirational and impactful nature. Director General McMahon emphasizes the importance of…

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Virtual Sustainability Activity Campus 

Virtual Sustainability Activity

Hey Vanier Students! Are you looking to green up your house, or spaces around your house, or the living area, or maybe your room, but aren’t sure how to? Vanier Sustainability has a virtual workshop set up just for you! Vanier Sustainability is holding a virtual DIY plant propagation & macrame plant holder workshop. The virtual workshop will be held on March 24 at 1 pm. In this workshop you will be able to make your very own macrame plant holder and be able to propagate plants. Supplies for this…

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Vsuccess Arrives on Campus Campus 

Vsuccess Arrives on Campus

There is a new initiative called Vsuccess at Vanier College. The initiative was founded by Mario Michas and Maia Fukuyama of the Vanier Student Leaders. As part of the initiative, successful, motivational and inspirational Vanier students, staff members, professors and alumni are interviewed.  In the interviews, important pieces of advice are given; tactics on how to succeed in CEGEP and beyond are shared, as well as the offering of messages of encouragement.  In the first interview, Ms. Cari-Lynn Clough who works tirelessly and selflessly as a Student Success Advisor, shared…

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