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VCSA Executive Council Elections 2023 Campus 

VCSA Executive Council Elections 2023

The VCSA Executive Council Elections 2023 are currently underway. This is a chance

for you, The Vanier Students, to nominate yourselves to be part of the VCSA Executive Council, which is the only representative for the student body at the college. 

The positions that are available for the VCSA Council Election are:

The officer positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer.

The Executive Council coordinator positions: Internal Affairs Coordinator, Academic Affairs

Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, Clubs Coordinator, and Community Coordinator.

The Nomination period will begin on Friday, March 31 and will end on Monday, April 17. During this period, Vanier students can nominate themselves for one of the mentioned positions and be a part of the VCSA student council. 

Campaign period will begin on Friday, April 21 and will last until Thursday, April 27. During the campaign period, the candidates can promote themselves to other Vanier Students and be able to make their case on why they would make a great candidate for the VCSA Council position they are running for.  

The voting days for the VCSA Elections will be held over the duration of 2 conductive lecture days, from Friday, April 28 and on Monday, May 1 between 8:00am-5:59pm. All Vanier students are encouraged to vote. The voting process will happen through Omnivox. After the voting, the officially elected VCSA Council members will be announced by the Electoral Committee.

All important documents and procedures for the elections process that Vanier students will need to consult to nominate themselves for any of the available positions listed, can be found on the VCSA Electoral committee Instagram page @vcsaelections_2023, as well as any other documents relating to the elections. 

If you have any questions about the VCSA Elections or the positions available, you can always send an email to or you can reach out to the official Instagram page of the VCSA Electoral committee @vcsaelections_2023 and be sure to follow them for upcoming events and information. You can also bring your questions to any of the Electoral committee members during their office hours. They would be more than glad to help you out! 

By: The VCSA Electoral Committee Team 2023

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