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The Offer Vanier Alumni 

The Offer

What Does Introspection mean to you? What? For me, it means being aware of my own feelings towards my Self. Stars. It is those fleeting moments during which I view my Self as an Other. Alien. I sometimes catch my reflection. Sad. Our eyes connect like a constellation. Void. I offer my Self a quick smile. Anxious. The smile is the moment. Heat. I am the smiling moment. Cool. I gaze into the eyes of my Self and my Self, as an Other, gazes back into me. Love.   Written By:…

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Flying Moments – A Synopsis for Everyone Vanier Alumni 

Flying Moments – A Synopsis for Everyone

Flying Moments – A Synopsis for Everyone is my second English book, comprised of a greater variety of writings, when compared to my first one, entitled Flying Moments – A Synopsis by Large, as detailed in the April issue of The Insider. This second book of mine is a collection of short stories, acrostics, edited lyrics of my favourite songs, and much more. Flying Moments – A Synopsis for Everyone is a compilation of writings “for everyone” to read, for it is meant to be an easy read “for anyone”….

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The Climate Fight: Despairs and Hopes Vanier Alumni 

The Climate Fight: Despairs and Hopes

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Our global temperature is rising as we continue to emit large quantities of greenhouse gases. Our planet’s resources are being overexploited and depleted. Our wildlife is dying, and our ecosystem is being polluted. Over the course of a couple of centuries, human activity has caused irreparable damages to our planet, and it will continue to get worse if society doesn’t act to change its ways.   Governments around the world are being called to join the fight against climate change…

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Flying Moments – A Synopsis By Large Vanier Alumni 

Flying Moments – A Synopsis By Large

I have always dreamt of becoming a writer. It is thanks to my sister that this dream of mine has come true. My first book, “Flying Moments – A Synopsis by Large”, is a collection of several short stories, a prose and a poem, all inspired from my everyday life and imagination. It bears the title of “Flying Moments” for it details flying moments in my life; the book is a synopsis by large of incidents in my daily life, my self-reflection and things that I discuss with my peers….

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An Interview with Top Chef Middle East: Ali Ghzawi’s Culinary Journey Vanier Alumni 

An Interview with Top Chef Middle East: Ali Ghzawi’s Culinary Journey

Ali Ghzawi, who is only 25 years old, won the Top Chef Middle East competition, aired on MBC over the past months. Ghzawi kindly took some time in his busy schedule to talk to The Insider about his journey through the culinary world. Ghzawi’s story began at age 17. His classmates had raved about his delicious sandwiches, inspiring Ghazwi to begin selling them at school. In the process of selling 120 sandwiches a day to both students and teachers, Ghzawi discovered his passion for food. He knew then that he…

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One Year Ago, Reminiscing on My Happy Strolls At Vanier Vanier Alumni 

One Year Ago, Reminiscing on My Happy Strolls At Vanier

March 13th 2019 marks the third to last issue of “The Insider” for this academic year. One year ago, I contributed to the May issue of The Insider, in the alumni column. As March 13th 2019 marks my 32nd birthday, what does it mean for me to turn 32 as a 2006 Vanier alumna who is now back to Germany, and to contribute to “The Insider” once more? Looking back at the 32 years of my life, I realise I am no longer in my twenties. In my twenties, I…

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Vanier Alumni Steven Abadi Joins “La Voix” Vanier Alumni 

Vanier Alumni Steven Abadi Joins “La Voix”

The 21 year old Vanier College Alumni, Steven Abadi, auditioned for the seventh season of La Voix aired on TVA. Steven sang “My Way” by Frank Sinatra and was able to make Marc Dupré’s seat turn just few seconds before the song ended. Steven was nine years old when he realized that he has a beautiful voice. He recalled that at summer camp someone heard him singing, which then led him to sing in front of 800 people at the camps’ general assembly in the morning. Steven says singing at…

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Ellen DeGeneres Visits Montreal for a Q & A Session Vanier Alumni 

Ellen DeGeneres Visits Montreal for a Q & A Session

On Friday March 1st, Ellen Degeneres came to the Bell Center in Downtown Montreal to meet her fans and answer questions about her life and career. Weeks before the event, CTV asked Ellen’s fans to send a video of them dancing for a chance to win free tickets for her event titled “A Conversation with Ellen DeGeneres”. Only a few people were supposed to win, but Ellen asked that everyone who sent a video win a ticket, and they did. Virgin Radio Montreal also gave front row tickets to winners…

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Marino Vanier Alumni 


Dear fish, You don’t bark, you don’t talk you have no voice you cannot hurt you swim and eat and that’s all you do.   But guess what humans do, hurt and cheat judge and lie stab you in the back and run   Fishes follow your finger they do not bite they will never make your heart bleed they do nothing nothing, nothing, nothing   They’re colorful fun to look at relaxing   How different are they from humans, huh?   Poem by: Lara Kaafarani

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Happy Strolls Around Vanier Vanier Alumni 

Happy Strolls Around Vanier

As an alumna of Vanier, it is my pleasure to contribute to the final issue of the Insider this semester with my reflection on my last visits to my alma mater. During this period of waiting for the arrival of a dear one to come to my side, I have been volunteering every morning at the West Montreal Rehabilitation Centre (WMRC) on the 1st floor in the A-Building. Old memories of Ashley and I come across my mind as I step into the workshop every morning, at 9 o’clock sharp,…

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