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Teachers Are Heroes Who Save Us From Our Dark Times Vanier Alumni 

Teachers Are Heroes Who Save Us From Our Dark Times

If you were asked what heroes are, what would be your definition?

The average person would consider Superman, Batman and Spiderman, all three movie and comic books characters, as generally accepted heroes, who save people’s lives that are in danger. Have you ever taken into consideration that our teachers, who have, at some time in our lives, taught us, could be heroes too?

It may not be the case for everyone, but it is for those who have once been inspired by these teachers to be good and to do better, and it also is for those of us who turned to them when there was no one to turn to, in troubled times.

It is the teachers, who mean most to us, who see the good in us, and who did not give up on us when everyone else did. They are our beloved “heroes who save us from our dark times” as they boost positivity in us, their beloved pupils.

“How exactly are teachers heroes?” one may ask. School teachers’ main task at their job is to instruct correct knowledge to their students; everyone agrees upon this.

Teachers are heroes because of one thing: their compassion for mankind, especially for those whom they teach and have taught. Pupils in the classroom spend one full academic year with their instructors; a relationship with special bonding between them develops.

It is this bonding and relationship which makes the teachers want to see us be good, do better and do well for the rest of our lives. They, at no cost, would give us a pat on the back whenever we need it, when we are going through difficulties in life.

It is also Superman’s and the like’s compassion which makes them heroes; they do not want to see other people suffer and do their utmost to save them from their hurdles.

For them, it is a duty to help, as it is for teachers.

Any of us may and can become a hero – another mentor, another teacher, for someone else who needs counselling and advice. You never know when we will meet the next one whom we shall inspire and whom we shall save from dark times…


Written by: Yvonne Y. F. Kelle

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