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Five Must-Sees of Hong Kong (Part II) Vanier Alumni 

Five Must-Sees of Hong Kong (Part II)

Hong Kong is a fascinating city for many Westerners. It is not merely the international cuisine that attracts them, it is also the breath-taking vibrancy of the Special Administrative Region, comprised of the tallest-towers-in-the-world, traditional Chinese architecture, and a rich cultural history, which makes it “one of a kind”. Following the article entitled “Five Must-Sees of Hong Kong (Part I),” which had appeared in the Insider in April 2020, five other amazingly exuberating must-sees of Hong Kong shall be added to the list.

Feng Shui/ Palm reading stalls in Jordan (near Temple Street)

Whether you believe in Feng Shui and palm reading or not, it is always interesting to have a look at those stalls in Jordan, Kowloon. The Feng Shui and palm reading masters will welcome you at their desks, and are there to tell you what your future, career, and love life will be – but all at a cost: an affordable amount of money.

International Commercial Centre (ICC)/ International Financial Centre (IFC)

The ICC and the IFC are the tallest buildings in Hong Kong in today’s time: The IFC is about 100 metres tall. There is also a rooftop bar at the hotel at ICC, which gives you a breath-taking view of all of Hong Kong. The IFC is mainly made up of company offices in the financial field (e.g. UBS).

Ladies Market (Mong Kok)/ Temple Street (Jordan): bargain towns

The Ladies Market in Mong Kok and the Temple Street in Jordan are renowned as “bargain towns”. Street stalls and food stalls fill these 2 areas of Kowloon. More often than not, you can bargain for what you buy, as the local stall owners speak very basic English (e.g. “How much?” “No, no, not 10. Ok, 15 dollars.”)

The cross-harbour ferry: Tsim Sha Tsui (TST)/ Central – over the Victoria Harbour

No tourist ever leaves Hong Kong without a ride on the cross-harbour ferry. It runs from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island. There is more than one route: the TST-Central route and the TST-Wan Chai route give the best panoramic views. Each ride is very affordable: between 2 and 3 HK dollars, which is equivalent to only CAD $0.35-0.50!


In Hong Kong, people say in Cantonese that Hong Kong is “a city of cement,” for it is full of high-rise buildings that are made of cement. The buildings are so numerous that one barely sees the blue sky. Is there no nature to appreciate at all? Indeed, there is! Hiking is a common activity that sporty people like to do around town. In the New Territories, where it is greener, the Lion Rock Hike and the Tai Mo Shan Hike are popular trails among tourists and locals.


Aren’t you eager to fly to Hong Kong right away? It may be difficult at this stage, given the COVID-19 pandemic, to access the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Who can fully enjoy a stay there, given the tight lockdown rules and regulations? However, do keep the aforementioned list in mind and bring it with you on your next trip when the chance presents itself. Hong Kong is waiting for you!



By Yvonne Y. F. Kelle


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