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They warned us

We listened

They told us to run or die

We were frightened


They gave us just a few hours to rescue our lives

So we had no time to pack

We left the album that was full of our childhood memories

We left the house not knowing if we will ever come back


It was that night that I knew what death was

I saw it in our eyes

In the eyes of those who lost their mother, their father, their child

I saw it in the eyes of children that can’t dream of tomorrow

I saw it in those destroyed houses that had nothing in them but warmth


That night, I ran for my life

I saw nothing but death and darkness


I wish I was able to hear my mother’s voice

But the sound of their helicopters were louder

I wish I was able to feel warm

But their bombs broke all the glass


That night, I was running

Without any destination

I ran


It was dark

I was shaking

My heart was beating

I stopped breathing


I woke up in the morning

My hands were sticky

I didn’t want to open my eyes

I was afraid of what I could see

But I opened them


I saw blood on my clothes

Everywhere on my hands

Dried inside my nails

What happened that night?

I faced death

But I refused to die


I saw my mom again

She hugged me S

he said that we will find a way out

I nodded

I couldn’t speak

But I believed that we will survive

And we did


Now that I look back

I see a hero

I see it myself, in my mother, and in all those survivors

I see it in a country that refused to die.



By Lara Kaafarani

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