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Marino Vanier Alumni 


Dear fish, You don’t bark, you don’t talk you have no voice you cannot hurt you swim and eat and that’s all you do.   But guess what humans do, hurt and cheat judge and lie stab you in the back and run   Fishes follow your finger they do not bite they will never make your heart bleed they do nothing nothing, nothing, nothing   They’re colorful fun to look at relaxing   How different are they from humans, huh?   Poem by: Lara Kaafarani

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Happy Strolls Around Vanier Vanier Alumni 

Happy Strolls Around Vanier

As an alumna of Vanier, it is my pleasure to contribute to the final issue of the Insider this semester with my reflection on my last visits to my alma mater. During this period of waiting for the arrival of a dear one to come to my side, I have been volunteering every morning at the West Montreal Rehabilitation Centre (WMRC) on the 1st floor in the A-Building. Old memories of Ashley and I come across my mind as I step into the workshop every morning, at 9 o’clock sharp,…

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A Writer’s Blocks Vanier Alumni 

A Writer’s Blocks

Blocks will disable Blocks are a big scam Blocks, I do not love Blocks are just liars   So unattractive I simply can’t find Ideas, that stay They loom like wires   I am held captive Inside of this mind Torn apart, away From my desires   Useless, unable Just for now, I am Incapable of Igniting fires   Blocks will disable Blocks are a big scam Blocks, I do not love Blocks are just liars       Written By: BeNjamyn Upshaw-Ruffner

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What Makes the Best Saint Patrick’s Day Float? Vanier Alumni 

What Makes the Best Saint Patrick’s Day Float?

Spring is coming. Snow is melting. Rain hasn’t rained yet. March 18 was the perfect weather for the 195th Saint Patrick’s Day parade, a tradition of the multicultural city of Montreal. Remembering my elementary school friend from Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, who has an Irish background, I was so prepped up to make my way to the parade that sunny Sunday, in mid-March. Having a strong attachment to music, especially music that makes one dance, I stood by the Party Expert banner, which I thought was supposedly the starter float. Well, to my…

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Of Eggos and Dragons: How ‘Stranger Things’ Explores Childhood Trauma Vanier Alumni 

Of Eggos and Dragons: How ‘Stranger Things’ Explores Childhood Trauma

Stranger Things is a show based on the nostalgic exploration of eighties gothic media culture, especially as it relates to youth of the time. The show’s setting and plot are themselves entrenched in political gothic reality, which creates a sort of meta-reality through which the show can explore one of its main concerns: gothic texts as they are experienced by children, and more specifically, what effect these texts may have on children with past trauma. Stranger Things explores the healing process of three children with traumatic past experiences who may…

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Need help, eh? Vanier Alumni 

Need help, eh?

Where Estérel, Quebec’s best, erected, there were three messengers. These men were well, yet meek. Speeches were the men’s preferences. Estelle the Jester, termed “Jestelle”, heckled them. Whenever she screeched, she felt glee. Whenever she yelped, the men felt depleted. The men remember when Jestelle met them:   “The deer were peeved, then wrecked me legs!” she yelled. “Deft, these deer were. Never respect them, never respect these three men!”   The three men were perplexed.   “Elle est belle” led René, the French member   “Pervert”, heeded Ernest  …

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PANIC Vanier Alumni 


the wind in my spine is shouting so i hold my breath to quiet it and it curls under my skin bunches up in a million ants underneath and trapped under it spoils itself greens and blackens on its own so i block my throat to hide it in and it whispers my death to me It makes me tremble and my bones clatter against it as it turns to marble in my lungs I collapse under the weight of it it crushes down upon my stomach and when it…

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