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Flying Moments – A Synopsis for Everyone Vanier Alumni 

Flying Moments – A Synopsis for Everyone

Flying Moments – A Synopsis for Everyone is my second English book, comprised of a greater variety of writings, when compared to my first one, entitled Flying Moments – A Synopsis by Large, as detailed in the April issue of The Insider.

This second book of mine is a collection of short stories, acrostics, edited lyrics of my favourite songs, and much more. Flying Moments – A Synopsis for Everyone is a compilation of writings “for everyone” to read, for it is meant to be an easy read “for anyone”.

When an author is interviewed for their book, they are often asked the following question: how did you get your inspiration for your book? In my case, it was not hard to come by; I was surprisingly immensely inspired during my 6-month stay in my hometown of Montreal last year.

Dedicated to my Chemistry-101 teacher from Vanier, this book includes three pieces of creative writing inspired from my sitting-in’s in his Chemistry-102 lessons, on Wednesday afternoons in the Winter 2018 semester. I decided to dedicate this book to him, as he has always been very supportive about my life goals and ambitions in life.

Yes, a funny and helpful Chemistry teacher he is, but he is more than that: he taught me to never give up in life, to always pursue my dreams and also (believe it or not) how to date a guy!

Besides all these, another special part to me is the short writing piece titled The Story of My Mum. This section is especially important and meaningful to me because I was constantly pondering upon my very own mum during those six months in Montreal last year. However, bear in mind that my entire book is also inspired by my imagination, thus not every single part of it is real.

I have also dedicated this writing to my West Indian Literature professor from Vanier, Ms. Erin MacLeod, as she was the one who praised my writing skills like no one else did and motivated me to keep on writing, no matter what. She was my motivation when becoming a writer!

The only criticism that I have for my book is that every single word starts with a capital letter. This was a mistake caused by my impatience in coordinating further with my publisher. It was originally a printing mistake by my publisher, but I was so fed up with our back-and-forth communication back then that I foolishly approved the wrong manuscript.

I should have let them know of this problem, before “impulsively” approving it. Now, I have learned my lesson. Dear aspiring authors, do not do like I did: always thoroughly double-check the manuscript before approving it; once you give a “yes” to your publisher, there is no turning-back! Beware!

Last but not least, if you wish to connect with me, simply look up “Yvonne Y. F. Kelle” on Facebook – yes, that account with the book cover as a profile picture. Talk soon!


Written by: Yvonne Y. F. Kelle

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