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The Best of The Insider From the Nineties – Excerpts on Feminism Campus 

The Best of The Insider From the Nineties – Excerpts on Feminism

Hey folks, Assistant Editor here! We were running a little scarce on pieces on the subject of education, so we thought we’d go back in the archives, to the old and forgotten pieces of alumni.

After leafing through ten or so papers, we thought we’d share the cream of the crop. While these excerpts do not relate directly to education, they highlight the opinions of the educated (smooth, I know). Aside from a plot to kill Jacques Parizeau after the 95′ referendum failed, turns out the best material was commentary on feminism.

Below are the best bits:

“In November 17 issue of The Phoenix, there appears an article about the true nature of feminism. It happens to have been written by a friend of mine who believes herself to be the quintessential feminist. In this article she refers to a certain male individual who comes off like a prehistoric hair-grabbing, raw meat eating crotch scratching, brainless pig. I must tell you that I was not at all pleased when she told me that part of that guy is a direct derivative of my own personality.”

And strict point on the dangers of chivalry:

“We must first try to stop those chivalrous actions which underline the everlasting inaptitude and dependence of women.

e.g. – A man driving a woman home even if it’s her car.

– A man insisting on paying the bill at a restaurant (implying that the woman cannot afford it)

– A man running in front of a woman to open the door for her (at the risk that she break a leg or something)

– A man pulling a chair for a woman (as if she was too awkward to do it herself)

Also to watch out for are the attitudes which undermine the weakness of women…”

We hope you enjoyed these passages! Solidarity.


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