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Flying Moments – A Synopsis By Large Vanier Alumni 

Flying Moments – A Synopsis By Large

I have always dreamt of becoming a writer. It is thanks to my sister that this dream of mine has come true. My first book, “Flying Moments – A Synopsis by Large”, is a collection of several short stories, a prose and a poem, all inspired from my everyday life and imagination.

It bears the title of “Flying Moments” for it details flying moments in my life; the book is a synopsis by large of incidents in my daily life, my self-reflection and things that I discuss with my peers.

My favourite part in my book is the prose and the poem, which are both about my past student named Ben. Ben repeated Year 11 in the local high school in Hong Kong where I taught English for a year. Consciously, I am not sure why I chose to write about him. However, when I look at my subconscious self, I tell myself that, perhaps, it was because he was my special pupil.

Honestly, I want to write about him to remember him and hopefully, one day, Ben will come across this book at a bookstore, will read about himself and will remember his good old days chatting with me and practicing his English in front of Staffroom 1.

The process of writing the book was not difficult. Compiling the manuscript was fairly easy. In the few years prior to its publication, I had already typed up different writings that were meant for publication one day. It was just a matter of putting my writings into the format required by my publisher.

The back-and-forth communication with my publisher was unexpectedly smoother than I had thought. The steps to take and procedures toward publication were simple and easy to handle. And I am especially grateful to my cousin who designed the cover of my first book.

Last but not least, are you an aspiring writer, like me? Below are some tips that can help you pave your way to becoming a writer for real:

  1. Search for book publishers online and reach out to as many as you can. Also, take note of the publishers that are mentioned in other books (found at home, bookstores or libraries) and contact them all. Eventually you may end up with a positive response from a publisher which shows interest in you.
  2. Do not stop writing, be it diary entries, online blogs or letters to friends and family. Writing, as any other skills such as biking, swimming or painting, needs practice. “Practice makes perfect!”
  3. Set yourself deadlines, in order to get work done. Publishers may set deadlines for their authors, but an author should set himself deadlines as well to avoid procrastination. Stick to your schedule and your work will be completed in no time!

There is so much more to share. Feel free to reach out to me! I can be found on Facebook: look up “Yvonne Y. F. Kelle” – the account with the book as profile picture. Talk soon!


Written by: Yvonne Y. F. Kelle

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