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Vanier Alumni Steven Abadi Joins “La Voix” Vanier Alumni 

Vanier Alumni Steven Abadi Joins “La Voix”

The 21 year old Vanier College Alumni, Steven Abadi, auditioned for the seventh season of La Voix aired on TVA. Steven sang “My Way” by Frank Sinatra and was able to make Marc Dupré’s seat turn just few seconds before the song ended.

Steven was nine years old when he realized that he has a beautiful voice. He recalled that at summer camp someone heard him singing, which then led him to sing in front of 800 people at the camps’ general assembly in the morning.

Steven says singing at the camp made him realize that he has a voice and he could start performing as a hobby. His hobby turned into a passion as he started performing more frequently.

Steven sang in many high school graduation ceremonies, talent shows, and award ceremonies. At only 15 years old, Steven was asked to be a guest singer at the Rialto Theater. This was the biggest venue he ever sang at.

Steven Abadi has always had a passion for music, and he decided that he was going to study music as a career when he was in high school. Steven then enrolled in the three-year music program at Vanier College.

In 2017, Steven Abadi sang “Oh Canada” at the Vanier graduation ceremony. He also sang in the “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” play at Vanier College where he mesmerized the audience with his voice during two performances.

When asked to describe the moments before going on stage for the blind audition, Steven responded by saying that it was a mix of emotions. He was very calm thirty minutes before his audition, but once he walked on stage, he felt excited and worried at the same time.

Steven said the most valuable comment from the judges was that from Marc, who said that Steven has a big heart and it shows in his voice.

Many of Steven’s friends, including Vanier students, have showed their support by sharing his audition video on social media.

Steven was able to touch the hearts of everyone who watched him singing and he was inspired by the messages he got from people he never met before.

On the show, Steven talked about living with Asperger’s and how music has always helped him. Steven says that one of his favorite messages was from a viewer who also has Asperger’s saying “I also have Asperger’s, and I now think anything is possible when I see you succeed on ‘La Voix.’”

Another message Steven received was from a person who said that the song he sang brought back memories of her mother who passed away a year ago.

“’La Voix’ has been a long time coming, and it’s an honor for me to be part of this competition. I have got to meet many great artists and talented singers”, said Steven.

“Music has allowed me to express emotions that I cannot with words,” he added.

Steven is currently practicing for two hours a day in preparation for the next phase of “La Voix.” The battle round.


Written by: Lara Kaafarani

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