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Haunted Spook the Insider 


Because I could not stride for Haunted, it did  kindly stride for me. I don’t like the fact that it, learned to stride for me.   Does Haunted make you shiver? does it?   One afternoon I said to myself, “Why is Cathy afraid of Halloween?” Cathy is usually daring and bold, but not when it comes to Halloween!   “The ball is going to be deadly”, Cathy would say, Masquerade Balls are the deadliest balls of all. Are you upset by how mortal it is? Does it tear you apart…

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The Scary Stranger Spook the Insider 

The Scary Stranger

One day at a candle shop, I met a man selling lots and lots of candles, For money, he wanted to swap a vile of blood, But I really wanted some candles.   “Got any candles?” I asked . “For that’s how I’ll spend my money.” “No candles here!” said the guy. He seemed to find it quite funny.   “I’ve got some lovely blood candles, I’ll give you a very fine price.” “I’d rather have some souls.” The man blinked rapidly thrice.   The man seemed exceptionally creepy, And…

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Killing reality Spook the Insider 

Killing reality

Some people see their beloved ones in their dreams or those who they lost. A few are visualizing their greatest fears, their past or perhaps imagine their future. Others don’t remember their nightmares at all. Dreams always intrigued people who tried to find a hidden meaning to them.  Elora was almost 20 years old. She was studying criminology and serving her internship at a local prison. When her roommate Phil asked her what she feared the most, she answered: “my dreams.” He suspiciously looked at her and probably thought that…

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The Echoing Whisper Spook the Insider 

The Echoing Whisper

I was an ordinary man, like any other man. I had my usual schedule: waking up, going to work, coming back and doing it all again the next day. I kissed my wife, Mia, and went off to work. Each day, more boring than the last, I was a factory worker and laboured about 60 hours a week which caused me to basically live at my job. As a basic guy, I loved my wife and hated my job, but I had to do what was necessary to keep my…

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The Ghosts of Vanier College Spook the Insider 

The Ghosts of Vanier College

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one? Stay at Vanier long enough, and you are bound to have a ghost encounter of your own. Located between two cemeteries, built on moved graves, and housing the spirits of dead nuns, Vanier has been a hotspot of paranormal activity for decades. Don’t believe me? Well, let me present to you some true ghost stories that took place on our very campus. One story comes from an alumnus of Vanier College, Christina Marando. It took place several years ago, near…

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Unfortunate fate Spook the Insider 

Unfortunate fate

Since the dawn of time, every year, thousands of my people disappear without further notice on the same day of the same month. It is always the strongest, the tallest, and the wealthiest who are taken away, abandoning the children and the elders alone and helpless. If you ask me what happens to those who have gone missing, I can only tell you their miserable death. It is my people’s fate to be murdered cruelly in the worst possible ways on that specific date. They suffer endlessly until death saves…

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