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Morning light Arts 

Morning light

What is love? What is pure? On top of a tree On a hill, in spring Has the strength of an arm The olive in her peak From the pain runaway   Though she’s light Though she’s bright In the darkness of a night She appears, and bright eyes Look around, ‘till it’s time   Now is when She has dreamt To behold land and sea To go far and beyond Of the sights of the dreams And the mornings to come By the wish of the sun She will…

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In defence of abstract art Arts Voices 

In defence of abstract art

Yes, some modern artworks look like they could’ve been created by an unskilled four-year-old in under ten minutes, yet some of these pieces are often sold for twice (or even thrice) your annual income. So what’s going on here?   Abstract art is a very contentious subject in the art world. While some consider abstract artists to be talentless hacks, others revere them as artistic geniuses. Trust me, I’m no abstract art fan myself, but I do find that many critics seem to be missing the point. So, here’s my…

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Tales of Tall Birds Arts 

Tales of Tall Birds

Fly with the cranes You lovely rootless stork Do not be frightened by the rains, The snowstorms and the city smoke   Where do your long legs dwell While the antigones are gone, Do your hearts similarly swell When Spring guides you back home?   Did you see the people marching, Did you hear your fellow earthlings’ cries With your long neck, arching Does one ever get used to good-byes?   As you reach your destination, Will you miss the journey’s dangers? Did it lead to liberation, To be guided…

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A nihilist dreamer Arts 

A nihilist dreamer

I’m a nihilist dreamer, One who finds happiness and serenity in gazing at the stars. Letting my anxieties drift away,  Into the constellations, And merging with the void, I breathe in the cool night air, And let my mind drift away.   The city lights dim the array of stars, But the brightest ones let their light beam through, Lighting up the sky with incomplete constellations, And allowing the imagination of the stargazer to fill in the blanks.   By Sophie Dufresne

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JewelryBox Arts 


5, 6, 7, 8 Relevé: She balanced on her steel toes Wrapped in satin.   1, 2, 3, 4 Pirouette: She glanced at her reflection With every spin.   5, 6, 7, 8 With every turn, strands of hair Fell in her face.   1, 2, 3, 4 She became enveloped in tulle,  And pink lace.   5, 6, 7, 8 When she finished her dance,  The audience stood to clap,   Until the music stopped, And the lid closed shut With a snap.    By Fin  

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