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Brains or Beauty Arts 

Brains or Beauty

You don’t get to Feel insulted If I can’t take your compliment You’re beautiful You’re sexy Your body looks great I don’t see it that way When I look into the mirror I don’t see confidence I see a broken down Uncaring for her appearance Just picked whatever clothes girl You see I thought It was a choice Brains or beauty You either got a man  Who loved you for you Or loved you for your body I picked brains I thought I picked right I picked self-neglect See now…

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Neverending Longing Arts 

Neverending Longing

Why did today have to end Why couldn’t it go on The rhythm of your chest The up and down Our breathing becoming concerto The entangling of our limbs As we slowly fall asleep But stay awake As to feel everything happening To feel everything ending so soon Wondering when we’ll get the chance To find our world in your sheets Play out every love song Make our fingers dance  On each other’s bodies Watch the world grow quiet And the snowflakes waltz As you take my hand Walk me…

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Love letter to my enemy Arts 

Love letter to my enemy

I hate you A bit much, isn’t it? I hate you Hate only burdens the hater. And yes, God, how it weighs me down. It’s not fair for you to use me when it’s convenient and ignore me when it’s not. To make me anxious for the entire fucking evening and not have the decency to tell me that you’re busy. I hate how I don’t say anything because you feel like “I freak out” when I do. You don’t have to go out of your way to make me…

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Whistler: The school trip of a lifetime Arts 

Whistler: The school trip of a lifetime

Wow, it’s already been four years. It still feels like yesterday when I fell in love with Whistler.  It all happened on Easter Sunday 2018, which was weirdly the same day as April Fools. Our group was to meet at Trudeau Airport. We were a total of fourteen students with three teachers who accompanied us. My dad gave me a brand-new pair of Kastle skis – freshly designed for big mountains like the Whistler. We all went through security smoothly, and I grabbed a quick breakfast at some local café….

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Take Me Out Arts 

Take Me Out

We fell in love that semester Two college kids who met on campus Too busy with getting good grades We didn’t have time for each other   She was from an upper-class family Tried so hard to fill her daddy’s shoes I can feel her desire of wanting to be free I knew what I had to do   I went to her dorm that Sunday evening Exhausted from all that studying I tossed her books aside and took her for a drive It was then she came alive  …

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Georgia Arts 


Do you still remember that night? I ran away after a big fight So broken and lost Didn’t know what I could do Walked into a bar Trying to drown in the dark Til you shot a smile From the corner of the booth   You asked me for my name Greetings turned to drinks I asked you for a dance You were so pretty in that dress I know it might sound crazy But when our lips gently kissed I started to think Of wanting to be with you…

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