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Brains or Beauty Arts 

Brains or Beauty

You don’t get to

Feel insulted

If I can’t take your compliment

You’re beautiful

You’re sexy

Your body looks great

I don’t see it that way

When I look into the mirror

I don’t see confidence

I see a broken down

Uncaring for her appearance

Just picked whatever clothes girl

You see I thought

It was a choice

Brains or beauty

You either got a man 

Who loved you for you

Or loved you for your body

I picked brains

I thought I picked right

I picked self-neglect

See now I know 

It’s not a choice

I pick both

But that doesn’t erase

Years of self-fulfilling prophecies

And the media’s false dichotomies

It doesn’t just magically 

Give me confidence

And unshakeable nerves

It just gives me awareness

Of how screwed up I was

And so many are

So don’t just stand there

Tell me I’m beautiful 

And think that’s enough

Call out the myth propagators 

Tell me I’m smart

And repeat to me that I’m beautiful

I’m just not used to hearing it

From you

Or from myself
By Alexia Côté

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