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Again! Again!

Childlike, the voice softly echoes in my ears

As I walk by the ghostly lane.

Autumn breezily peeking in. 


Seasonal depression lurks

As the leaves placidly fall.

The faceless child runs up to me.

Wrinkling my leather jacket

As she clings and hovers around me. 


Again! Again!

Filled with conflicting emotions.

I crouch down by her, 

In her eyes glass-like. filled with ambition. 

I see my reflection


Oh to be a kid again,

Not caring about tomorrow, running around


Pure joy-


When was the last time I genuinely felt it?


Frightening- my reflection looked soulless, 

Maybe that’s what sacred her off as she skidded away- 

I let out a deep sigh and for a moment, 

It felt like I was in a trance and even the wind halted. 


For once I could hear my thoughts. felt like time was on 

my side. 

It was a long narrow path, with hues of grey and deep


I kept going, going and going deeper

Into my own thoughts.


By: Joy Bello-Osagie

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