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“Ramblings of a lunatic” Arts 

“Ramblings of a lunatic”

Going mad from writer’s block, hysteria at  1 am, the calm settles and   I let the words flow out of my brain, my fingers have a conscience of their own   I feel like I could go on forever, or at least until I fall asleep    the only time my brain is  silent, completely, utterly, silent.   By Sophie Dufresne This poem was inspired by the song “Ramblings of a lunatic” by Bears In Trees

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Sundays at Nonna’s Arts 

Sundays at Nonna’s

My grandmother always frowned At her reflection. “La vecchiaia è brutta,” she would say  With a sigh as she looked down  At her hands, Where she saw deep folds and wrinkles  In her skin,  Like they were one of my grandfather’s shirts, Which she was unable to smooth out.   With resolve, she chose to drain the water  From her eyes into a pot, Where it began to boil The raw dough she kneaded With the valleys of her hands.  She served us dinner with tomato sauce From her veins,…

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“That’s not 2 meters” Arts 

“That’s not 2 meters”

In Memoriam of the 2-to-3-year-old female humpback whale, who was first seen in the Saint-Lawrence river on May 30th, and who died due to a collision with a boat on the night of June 9th.   In early October, Montreal artist Geraldine Laurendeau built a monument with the help of other local artists near the water in Bellerive Park (in the city’s east-end) to keep the memory of this creature alive.   “They’re quite fascinating animals but behind that, there are a lot of things we can learn from them,”…

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