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Layers Arts 


Every day wake up my face in the mirror 

Cover your skin

like the beauty they gave you is your sin

It’s your honour they keep saying

Your pride, your treasure your everything

But this treasure is too heavy to bear

The layers are choking, I am gasping for air

I can’t breathe with the controlling stares

Stares that search for a bare square

and judge you for what you wear

Am I a human or a treasure?

Choosing between approval and freedom

And choosing to be loved over the freedom

Even after seeing the distress and the sadness suffered,

they keep repeating go cover further

are you the only one to be beautiful?

Are you the only one to be free?

your selfishness makes my heart chatter 

Your jealousy is not the only thing that matters 

I am starting to get ashamed of my body, its self-hater

Blaming everyone including the creator

For I am a woman and you’re the human

Every day wake up my face in the mirror 

What’s so different between my body and yours 

That makes you uncover and makes me cover.
By Ihsane Fakhir

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