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A Lost Hero Arts 

A Lost Hero

Twenty-four hours in this dark room

Skin paler than my imagination fume

Eyes darker than a black charm when it blooms

Smelling ghostly it’s just my new perfume

Same clothes, they can be my new costume

The costume of a hero that could never exist

Since it was hold prisoner in my head

The two can’t coexist

The thoughts in my head are making the threat

Freedom he’s asking

Let me live the dream, why are you holding me back?

if I don’t get out we shall both crack

the inner self decided to make the attack

let’s kill the hero, let him sink in the black

free him or we shall stay forever in this hole

I am sophisticating just have mercy on my soul

Both bleeding from the inner war

Then time went by and the hero aged

Then disappeared like it never existed

And an empty soul was left behind

A body with a depressed state of mind

The Death of Chatterton by Henry Wallis 1856


Info on the painting and why I chose it with my poem: The subject of the painting was the 17-year-old English early Romantic poet Thomas Chatterton, shown dead after he had poisoned himself with arsenic in 1770. Chatterton was considered a Romantic hero for many young and struggling artists in Wallis’s day. 


By Ihsane Fakhir


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