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My Shivering Petals Arts 

My Shivering Petals

My Shivering Petals

I am a Black rose, grown in a garden

Where the color of my petals is often harden

By the frost of police brutality, it withers

My roots torn by the storm that it gathers.

My parents, they are like birds trapped in a cage

When pulled over, their freedom taken like a wage

My friends, like rivers, overflow with tears

As they speak of the harassment, their pain, it smears

The system, a ship, lost in the sea

It’s meant to protect but often it’s hard to see

With a badge, they see us like a weed

Our pain, they choose to not heed

But I’ll not be silenced like a forgotten song

I’ll raise my voice, and make them hear my plea

Not all officers are bad, that’s true

But until the system is fixed, it’s a labyrinth to break through

I’ll fight this fight with all my might

Like a warrior, ready for the fight

The color of my petals is not a crime

But the police brutality, It’s a vicious climb.

By: Melodie Jade Opara

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