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The Dark Truth Behind Black Friday and How to Combat It Features 

The Dark Truth Behind Black Friday and How to Combat It

With Thanksgiving around the corner just south of the Canadian border, industries have started promoting their Black Friday deals. A tradition that is rooted in the United States has found its way into Canada, in an effort to keep Canadian shoppers from contributing to foreign markets as opposed to their own. This being said, the excess consumption of goods and fast fashion on this day is no friend to our deteriorating climate. With the rise of consumerism surrounding the Holiday season, shoppers seek to get their shopping done on Black…

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Heroes Features 


Who can be considered a hero? Every individual will have a different understanding on who deserves to be called a hero, but the Merriam-Webster provides two definitions that, to me, are worth discussing.   Firstly, a hero is defined as someone that is “admired for achievements and noble qualities”. It is also someone “who shows great courage”. These are very broad and simple ways to define heroism, and one person in particular comes to mind when reading said definitions:   Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.   I am not here to sing the…

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Mr. Stark… I Don’t Feel So Good: Superhero Culture in the 21st Century Features 

Mr. Stark… I Don’t Feel So Good: Superhero Culture in the 21st Century

As David Bowie sings, “We can be heroes, just for one day.” Although this song is to be interpreted as a love song, it reminisces the thought of longing to be a hero, something many can relate to.   The emergence of a world where we celebrate the best in their field and glorify them to the point where they are idolized by others shows a certain ‘hero culture’ that we have been exposed to.   Whether it be in terms of entertainment, such as superheroes, or in real life,…

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Of Monsters and Heroes Features 

Of Monsters and Heroes

In literature, monsters are a universal character across various cultures – as much in mythology as in contemporary tales.   The Monster represents what our society fears. Frankenstein’s monster, for instance, represented the fear of science that society held at the time that the book was written.   On the other hand, the role of the hero is to represent what our society deems as good. They are rich, brave, loyal, and, oftentimes, male.   As much as we would like to think that we have moved away from these…

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The Jon Snows of Snow Removal Features 

The Jon Snows of Snow Removal

Winter is coming. Or, to give you a little bit more perspective, Canadian winter is coming. It is all fun and games during the months leading up to the holidays, because snow is expected and desired during that time of year. January 2nd, however, is when it all starts to go down (a snowy) hill. Our city becomes a slushy, desolate, frigid land roughly until the month of April. We dread having to leave our houses in such a climate. For this, we must pay tribute to the real heroes…

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Controversies over Poppies: Another Pop of Colour on Our Lapels Features 

Controversies over Poppies: Another Pop of Colour on Our Lapels

Since 1921, there is a long-standing tradition of wearing red poppies, during the Month of November, specifically on November 11, also known as Remembrance Day.   Inspired by John McCrae’s “In Flander’s Fields,” the red poppies, which grew near the battlefields of the First World War, are worn in commemoration of the armistice.   Over the years, the act of wearing a red poppy, as well as the concept of Remembrance Day, have been criticized for romanticizing war by depicting fallen soldiers as heroes and for promoting nationalism.   “I…

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The Importance of Wearing a Poppy During the Month of November Features 

The Importance of Wearing a Poppy During the Month of November

November used to be known as “Movember” or “Poppy Month”, but now with the rise of memes, it’s just known as “No Nut November”.   Every year, I see less and less of these red flowers in the crowds of people I pass, and I find it disheartening to be a part of a generation where apathy is so rampant.  I’m sure some people would like to wear poppies, but just don’t know where to find them, as they are becoming more and more scarce.   The reason for this…

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Postcards for Peace to Canada’s Veterans Features 

Postcards for Peace to Canada’s Veterans

Remembrance Day is celebrated on November 11th every year in Canada, and begun as a way to commemorate the service and remember the fallen of those who fought in the First World War. It is often difficult, especially for younger generations, to be able to relate to these wars, as many do not have family alive who were a part of WWI and WWII, and or do not have people close to them serving in the military. It is also easy to become desensitized to war, as conflicts worldwide are…

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Tripping over Thrifting: An Economic and Environmental Paradox Features 

Tripping over Thrifting: An Economic and Environmental Paradox

“I’m gonna pop some tags. Only got twenty dollars in my pocket,” sings Macklemore in his famous song, “Thrift Shop.” He talks about saving money and bagging ninety-nine cent items at a thrift shop, yet, little did he know that, six years later, we’d be lucky to find one item for twenty dollars (without tax of course). It seems to be the case that, back when Macklemore released his song in 2013, retail stores were the place to buy the latest trends and to get “tricked by a business,” as…

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The F Word (Feminist) Features 

The F Word (Feminist)

I am a feminist. Now, what does this mean? Does this mean I hate all men and that I’m a misandrist? Does this mean I believe all men are unworthy of forming an opinion? Does this mean I believe women should be superior to men in every way and that we should live in complete matriarchy? No, it does not. The definition of feminism, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is the following: “The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.” This means, as a feminist, that…

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