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The Harsh Reality of Trans Women Features 

The Harsh Reality of Trans Women

Harmful misconceptions are rampant in society concerning the reality of trans women in prisons.  For example, if one searches the term “trans inmates” in Vanier’s database, the first five results will be about “male prisoners self-identifying as females,” who have supposedly raped female guards in female prisons.  These articles accuse trans women of pretending to be transgender in order to gain access to female prisons, only to then sexually harass guards and fellow prisoners alike. This is, unfortunately, the image a lot of people in society have of trans women…

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The Stigma Around Men’s Mental Health Features 

The Stigma Around Men’s Mental Health

Movember is a foundation that was started in 2003 in Australia with the goal of raising awareness for prostate cancer, all while promoting mental health and suicide prevention amongst men. As the years passed and the foundation has spread all across the globe, Movember has become associated with a challenge for men to not shave their facial hair in November so as to spread awareness for men’s health.    Despite the fact that this movement has pushed boundaries, there is still a stigma around men’s health, more specifically, around their…

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The Mental Health Taboo: A fear forged by history Features 

The Mental Health Taboo: A fear forged by history

The taboo of mental health is one of the biggest obstacles that need to be overcome in our society. People often find themselves ashamed to suffer from a mental illness and to reach out for help, which only carries out the stigma. This association of shame with mental health originates from the first interpretations of mental disorders.   Historically, mental illness was often a synonym of possession in a religious context, and the “cure” to that was an exorcism. It was also viewed as a divine punishment, where confessions could…

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Halloween, Education and Charity Features 

Halloween, Education and Charity

If you were to describe Halloween in one word, which word would come to your mind? To many in the West, words such as “trick-or-treat” and “best costumes” may pop up. To local people in Germany, they would think of “Reformation” and “Martin Luther”, for the 31st of October is, for them, a day to commemorate Martin Luther and the “Reformation” of the Christian Church. However, would it ever occur to you that words such as “education” and “charity” could be connected to Halloween? For some, for example, in Montreal,…

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What’s Wrong With the RCMP? Features 

What’s Wrong With the RCMP?

Did you know that John A. MacDonald got the idea to found a Royal Mounted Police Force from the Royal Irish Constabulary, a paramilitary British police force created to police and subdue the Irish? Except, this body would not only police and subdue the First Nations, but it would also kidnap, torture and murder their children in the name of Christian assimilation.   The RCMP used to be known as the North-West Mounted Police and was founded in 1873 with the colonial purpose of uniting the Northwest to the rest…

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Why 2020’s Live-Action Mulan is getting so much backlash  Features 

Why 2020’s Live-Action Mulan is getting so much backlash 

After a long-awaited release of the remake of the Disney animated film Mulan, the movie premiered on Disney+ for rent a few weeks ago. However, after seeing the movie, it left fans and viewers alike confused and angered for several reasons.    Firstly, (the biggest reason of all), in the credits scene, Disney thanks government entities in Xinjiang, China, including four propaganda departments. The Xinjiang region is the location of the reeducation camp of Uyghur Muslims and Turkish Muslims.    There is a massive genocide going on over there that…

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2020: New Milestones for Black Women in Politics – Update Features 

2020: New Milestones for Black Women in Politics – Update

In the last article, we covered the new political first achieved by Black women in politics. Dominique Anglade became the first woman of colour to lead a political party in Quebec. Leslyn Lewis became the first woman of colour to run in the Conservative Party. Kamala Harris became the first African-American and Asian-American vice-presidential nominee of a major U.S. presidential party. Not long after the article was published, another glass ceiling was shattered in the Green Party’s leadership election. On October 03, 2020, Toronto lawyer and activist Annamie Paul became…

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The Problematic History of John A. MacDonald Features 

The Problematic History of John A. MacDonald

On September 29th, 2020, the John A. MacDonald statue at Place du Canada was toppled and beheaded by protestors during a protest calling for the police to be defunded.    Banners flew next to the decapitated monument, touting all his not-so-savoury exploits. This move was divisive as some have long heralded for the removal of the statue, whereas others, such as François Legault, disagreed with the move.    This discussion is not a new one either, as many opinions about the controversial figure have been shared within the past few…

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Let’s Talk About “Art, Literature, and Everything in Between” Features 

Let’s Talk About “Art, Literature, and Everything in Between”

During these times of crisis, there’s no doubt that art inspires life, hence recording artists’ impromptu music releases and virtual concerts that serve as a means to uplift our spirits (see here Sophie’s article on concert live streams to this effect).   However, by the same token, life inspires art, and this continues to be true amid the pandemic; photographers capture images of the empty streets, while writers and painters find the subjects of their works in solitary confinement. Thus, nothing has changed, as this relationship between art and life…

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Five Must-Sees of Hong Kong (Part I) Features Vanier Alumni 

Five Must-Sees of Hong Kong (Part I)

Amidst the current coronavirus crisis, nations worldwide are taking preventive measures to help minimize the scale of the pandemic’s growth. We are encouraged to work from home; if we had made plans to travel, we need to cancel them; whenever we come home, we wash our hands thoroughly. Below are five must-sees in Hong Kong. Hang in there! Hong Kong is waiting for you (after the coronavirus outbreak ends). Lan Kwai Fong/ SoHo If you are a young adult who likes to grab a drink and to party with music,…

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