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A word for the nurses Features 

A word for the nurses

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking across Jake’s and it was then I came across the nursing department hosting their November Wellness Challenge and their pop-in clinic. 

We heard all those thanks from our communities to all the healthcare professionals who have been battling in our hospitals against COVID-19. Those words are becoming music to my ears until I’ve met the nursing students at Vanier. When these students took my blood pressure and calculated my BMI, I learned that many of them went out to help the healthcare system fighting against the tireless pandemic, over the last year and semesters. It was only fair of me to ask a couple of questions.

Did you go and help the hospitals? What was it like battling COVID-19? How was the experience working in those emergency situations? Did you ever feel overwhelmed by workload?

Across all of their answers, you can sense the intensity those students, many in their first year, faced when they were sent to war at a time when our community needed them the most.

November 11 – Remembrance Day. We pay tribute to those patriots who served our country and paid the ultimate sacrifice. We remember their heroism by wearing those little red poppies on our chests. This year, I decided to wear mine in honour of all of the nurses and future nurses who went and those who are going to be sent into a war in our healthcare system. The war against coronavirus may be long and arduous, however, we must remember that when this pandemic will shed away, those nurses will still be in our healthcare system, dealing with future endeavours. 

If there is one program at Vanier that has the bravest students, it would be the nursing program. It is unimaginable to know that our students, our peers, our classmates have witnessed the unimaginable state of our healthcare system during this pandemic. I can’t envision the struggles those students will be facing in the next months and years. If you see a student from the nursing department, thank them by staying safe and following health guidelines.

To the students in our nursing department, keep soldiering on. You are the true patriots of our generation.

By Jacques Wang

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