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Break Free Voices 

Break Free

I want to escape Something calls me Out of these blank walls I want to break free Fiddling my hands and feet The teacher’s voice bores me What’s he talking about?  Oh, yeah, history Look, a window! Let’s ram through it  Fly like a bird  I’m sure there’s nothing to it We can soar across the sky Full of opportunities To London, Tokyo, anywhere you please! Oh, crap, the teacher’s calling my name What’s the question again? This is so lame Written By: Alaina Roberts

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The Fourteenth Arts 

The Fourteenth

I started at 8, and finished at 6 Done with my classes, and feeling like shits. The job has been tough The few breaks I get are never enough. Drip, Drip. Get a hobby, they say Make use of your day. I did just that, And now feel like crap.   Thump. Thump. I failed Calculus two, And it really bites the poo. It’s Valentines, right? Then where’s the daylight? But then – The sun sprang straight into action – She showed up right here to see my reaction. A…

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The Nintendo Switch Presentation: One Month Later, a Post-Hype Recap Entertainment 

The Nintendo Switch Presentation: One Month Later, a Post-Hype Recap

     Last Month, Nintendo’s latest console was given a lengthy live-stream which delved deep into the hardware, and software of this console-handheld hybrid; but what exactly should the average gamer take away from this? Here is the lowdown on everything Nintendo has revealed to us.      The first question on everybody’s mind is going to be launch date, and cost. Mark your calendars, Nintendo came right out of the gate saying that the console will launch worldwide on March 3rd and retail for $299.99, which means us lucky Canadians will…

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In Her Name: Writing Contest Campus 

In Her Name: Writing Contest

From the suffragettes to womanists, progress has certainly been made in terms of women’s rights. Society now tells us we are equal to men – of course, there is still work to be done. This same society also allows for, and makes money from, misogynistic advertising objectifying women. It pays men, on average, more than women for similar employment. We may have come a long way; we still haven’t arrived at equality. Recognizing the challenges of being deemed the ‘weaker sex’, many organizations are supporting International Women’s Day (March 8th)….

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Bell Let’s Talk: A Month of Mental Health Awareness Uncategorized 

Bell Let’s Talk: A Month of Mental Health Awareness

The month of January: we start the new year with grand festivities and high hopes, new dreams for the new year. Yet the sky is grey, the snow is a revolting brown and everything that could possibly go wrong in the winter wasteland we call home does seem to go wrong. As time as drags on, we become weary and slumber into a sleep, not wanting to leave it nor talk to friends. Unknowingly, one might have seasonal depression, which is characterized largely by persistent recurring thoughts of negativity and general despair…

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Vanier College Stands in Solidarity with Victims of Quebec City Shootings  Campus News 

Vanier College Stands in Solidarity with Victims of Quebec City Shootings 

“Tout le monde déteste les racistes!” chanted the crowd at Parc metro  Around 8pm Sunday night, January 29th 2017, a gunman open fired inside the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City during their prayer time and killed six people while injuring eight others. Two arrests were made later but one of them was released as a witness and the other is now being charged. The shooter, Alexandre Bissonnette, turned himself in to the police. Any reasons or motives remain unknown for the time being. To show respect to the victims,…

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Trump’s Presidency and the Women’s March in Montreal Voices 

Trump’s Presidency and the Women’s March in Montreal

It was the 20th of January, Trump’s inauguration did not come with a cheer because many people have been very distraught as to how their “democracy” could have failed them. Their pain is sometimes projected outwardly towards the people celebrating with MAGA hats as well as through vandalism in various parts of the USA and even more surprising to me, in Montreal. On the 21st, many protests ensued in many countries and this time in solidarity with the Women’s March in Washington. There was even one in Montreal in which…

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On the BuS Arts 

On the BuS

Not a day goes by where I don’t feel anxious. I look down thinking, as I ask: what’s wrong with me? My thoughts are in disarray as I mount this run-down public transportation vehicle. The driver wastes no time, which causes my reference frame to become non-inertial. However, I don’t struggle to maintain my balance, at least, not right now. Fortunately, there are two empty adjacent seats. Some days, I encounter friends on these mobile waiting rooms, but not today. It’s for the best. I wouldn’t want to irritate them…

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