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Of Queens And Pain Arts 

Of Queens And Pain

The sorrow and pitch of the howling bale Tears my soul apart As I whisper to myself under the hood, the midnight’s veil: ‏ O, Queen of love Queen of pleasure My kingdom offered and your King in measure ‏ And with grace such Beneath the white moon that bends my sorrows and filled misery A heart, bleeding, in ruins I beg, fancy these words echoed from my welling heart Within the white that wends Weaved from my soul and strewn and with bared countenancy with love and grace, eternally…

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History of Manga Entertainment 

History of Manga

Manga refers to Japanese comics. The term “manga” is made out of two characters: “man” which stands for “whimsical and impromptu” and “ga”, meaning “pictures”. Japanese manga is known for their display of emotions often exaggerated. Multiple genres of manga exist: the most popular ones are the shoujo and shonen style. Shoujo manga targets young girls as an audience due to their love story topic while shounen contains action and adventure, tending to be categorized for young guys. Manga is not necessarilly for kids, so don’t believe everything you hear….

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The Invisible Child Arts Voices 

The Invisible Child

It was a windy day and Brian’s family had decided to go to the shore next to the sea. They had settled down on a pier and were looking around when Paulina Mama said: “I’m so bored, nothing has happened in the past few weeks”. Papa Alex looked thoughtfully for a moment then brightened up as an idea hit him. He turned to Brian, who was sitting to his right and said:   “I’m going to push Paulina Mama into the sea”.   “What?!”, exclaimed Brain. He glanced over to…

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The Smile Behind Your Sorrows Arts 

The Smile Behind Your Sorrows

Every time I am in your presence I silently observe the inner depths of your fears As love makes you act beyond yourself And hope is what keeps you sane   When I hear the silence in your creaking voice There’s an agonizing screech of desperation Seeking for constant admiration To fill the forever hollowness you call love   And every time I am in your presence I travel the depths of your soul, My body trembles at the thought of your tears That love has caused you all these…

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Watch Marvel’s Daredevil – Find The Product Placement Entertainment 

Watch Marvel’s Daredevil – Find The Product Placement

Daredevil is a series available to watch, alongside a wide variety of movies, through Netflix, which is saving people time and money. With Netflix, one may stream films and shows directly to a TV, computer, or tablet, all at the press of a button. Visit the website for a free monthly trial.   As it turns out, many of the characters in Daredevil just so happen to have the same, or perhaps similar-looking, Samsung phones. Did you know that Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 is water resistant? That’s very handy making…

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The Silver Cell Voices 

The Silver Cell

You’re my silver cell: you keep me waiting and at the end of the day you never come. You never know once I come undone. You’re my silver cell: I play nice just for you but that’s not the real me. You’re my silver cell: part of my molecule system, you are contagious at the wrong time. You’re my silver cell: There’s only one but all other cellular molecules are influenced by you. You’re my silver cell: I say I’m fine but I am dyeing inside because all my molecules…

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