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Yorkshire Terrier Features 

Yorkshire Terrier

Want a dog, but are allergic? Try buying a Yorkshire Terrier. It has human-like hair, not fur like other dogs. These bouncy dogs are also known to snort, which means they take air in too fast and they can sound like a duck. Don’t worry, it’s a harmless thing Yorkies do when they get excited. Did you also know Yorkies rank second highest dog in America for a must have pet? This dog is a big one inside a little body. This makes it ‘portable’ – it can live anywhere,…

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Koriass Concert News 

Koriass Concert

As part of the Semaine de la francophonie, and International Women’s Week, Vanier College had the pleasure of inviting Emmanuel Dubois, better known by his stage name Koriass, to give a conference about feminism and its closely related subjects. Koriass is a Quebec rapper, interpreter, and composer, but most of all a “natural born feminist”. Every seat in the auditorium was occupied as exciting chatter filled the air. Koriass started his conference lightly by introducing the concept of the “boys club”. This is club is for all humans who are…

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Newcomer Support Group at Vanier College Campus 

Newcomer Support Group at Vanier College

Are you new to Vanier? Or even new to Canada? Would like someone to talk to about your experiences? Hw about with others who have just come to Canada as well?   At Vanier, there is a new “newcomer” support group where students from abroad, experiencing their first time living and attending school in Canada, can share their backgrounds, concerns, questions, feelings, stories, or even reactions to studying at Vanier.   If you’re a little unsure about going to a whole group of people you don’t even know to talk…

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Why Swim? Arts 

Why Swim?

¿Why swim? I follow the sweep of my fingertips with my imagination. The turnaround feels closest to my only spacewalk; my feet reach down for the bottom three yards away, what stretch; they feel well planted on the wall. Knees push. The breath boils out of this face. Velvet strokes as the glide attempts unity. Only here, can the true meaning of submarined be fathomed. Rolling the body large and slow off the wall, spacewalking, shooting streamline tight and fast. Soaring ten feet aloft the firmament. No human experience is…

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Vanier Tech Club Wins it Big Campus 

Vanier Tech Club Wins it Big

Bright and early on a cold Saturday in February, over 60 students from four different CEGEPs assembled in the Polytechnique building of Université de Montréal. Coffees in hand, these students would spend close to 16 hours participating in what the tech community calls a hackathon, a fast-paced event where each team works to create (or hack together) a project in a very limited amount of time. This specific hackathon’s challenge was to create an artificial intelligence (AI) for the game TRON (think multiplayer Snake.) The AIs are then pitted against…

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I Did Not Write This Arts 

I Did Not Write This

Look at this beautiful image. To kneel before another is a resignation of one’s will, perhaps it is that. I was scared when come nighttime because I didn’t want to resign as the sun and moon do for each other. I didn’t want to rise and fall as the sun does every cycle, so I drove on this empty road chasing the sun as it sat, roosted on the horizon. Bowing down to others when the day was done use to be the norm for me. But where am I…

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NarcissistInTheThirdVerse Arts 


I’m not a musician, but I wish I was. Soundscapes weaving the heart Vibrations burning cyan   I’m half a mile away from bursting to flames, I can taste the heat from an inch of my fingers, Hit the ground.   I’m not a scientist, but I wish I was. Physics tying strings in the stars Building smoke and bubbling black   My heart is a hammer, Flying off to the rush, the edge of the firework Feel my blood in steam   I’m not a comedian, but I wish…

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A Heart Broken Arts 

A Heart Broken

Confusing emotions It’s like I was given a potion To feel this way.   One day I turn and there he is In my heart of hearts he stays No where to escape but he is at bay.   He’s hidden beneath everything No love is not a thing. It screams everyday.   There is no where to run. There is no where to hide. Love it creeps up on you it does.   What is there to do but deny Cause there’s no way I’m feeling this way Yes…

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“Logan” (2017) Review Entertainment 

“Logan” (2017) Review

Marvel’s X-Men film franchise has had a rather bumpy ride to success. With hits and misses throughout the last 17 years, it is not uncommon to be skeptic when a 9th installment is announced. This movie in fact is the third in the Wolverine-centered films, proceeding 2 rather mediocre films to say the least. But compared to Apocalypse, it succeeds in all aspects, and makes for a beautiful, emotional and fantastically paced film.   With the surprise (not really) success of Deadpool, the first R-rated film in the X-Men franchise…

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Francophonie Campus 


Nos actions en disent plus à notre sujet que nos mots – eh oui; un beau cliché pour ouvrir cet article! Pourtant, est-ce vraiment mal? Un cliché prends sa valeur de sa vérité… Bon, en tout cas, prêt, pas prêt – ACTION! La Semaine de la francophonie est bien entamée ici au cégep Vanier. Ayant pour thème – ben oui, vous l’avez devinez! – l’action, cet événement annuel se déroule depuis le lundi, 27 février, et prendra fin ce vendredi. Une panoplie d’activités et de conférences auront lieu; prenez bien…

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