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They Played Themselves Sports 

They Played Themselves

Golf anyone? Now, the playoffs have started about a week ago. The Montreal Canadians were facing off against a strong and extremely underrated New York Rangers team, as the media were favoring Montreal to have it easy in this series. Do you believe in karma, because the Canadians were shut out in the first game 2-0, letting the Rangers dominate them on their home ice. Heading into game 2, the Habs desperately needed to win, as going to New York down two to nothing in the series was not an…

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Silence Arts 


I think in swollen metaphors, I am not drowning, I am eaten So I hold my thumb on the pulse of the universe and it is dead;   I spin my mind like fingers for fun, And dream my veins soiled in chocolate cake So I taste the sweetened marrow and my teeth mold in cheap rum   My throat wilts and dries, I am not a flower in winter, I am a weed in a housefire So I kiss the arson on the mouth and it tastes like warmth…

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Ouvrons nos fenêtres gagnants Campus 

Ouvrons nos fenêtres gagnants

Le mercredi, 5 avril dernier a eu lieu le lancement de Ouvrons nos fenêtres, un recueil d’écrits interculturels façonnés par les plumes *claviers* d’élèves du Cégep Vanier pour la publication 2016-2017. Parmi les nombreux textes reçus en soumission,  32 ont été sélectionné afin de paraître dans l’œuvre collectif disponible même à la Grande Bibliothèque, au centre-ville. Les chargés du projet, Rachel Jobin et Josée Tamiozzo décrivent la publication : « Écrits dans une langue qui est généralement une langue seconde, parfois tierce, ces textes sensibles et très actuels nous plongent dans…

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Expect the Unexpected Sports 

Expect the Unexpected

One of the greatest sporting events of my life! About a month ago, I joined the Vanier Cheetahs cheerleading team for their final competition of the season at Regionals. There were seven teams at the event, all of them being colleges from Montreal and the Laurentians. Going into the event, I had no idea what to expect, as cheerleading is a whole other world compared to how it is illustrated in movies; and boy did these athletes impress. Cheerleading is a complex sport, much harder than it looks. Every time…

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Simply – Happiness Voices 

Simply – Happiness

Happiness is a derivative of life: in directly aiming to achieve it, it can be diminished. The serenity of happiness follows not from the pursuit of it; it stems rather from an accumulation of pleasurable moments. Yes, it is cliché, but the little things really do make up our existence. One such nothingness of my life that I cannot overlook is the memory of a joyful autumn day from November 2013. A school field trip to Montreal’s Salon des métiers d’arts automatically started the day off on a positive note. Beyond that,…

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Flat Line Arts 

Flat Line

So you want to change the world? Well, good luck with that, they say. What is your strategy to get people to pay? Because pay they must, And buy they will, In this consumerist society, Based on good products, Not good will.   Order now, Pay later, It’s a limited time offer. There’s a deadline. It’s a race to use up, Our greatest lifeline.   Checkout lanes are packed, With the dump’s future contents, Because one man’s treasure is – Every man’s trash, Right?   We monitor progress, In dollars…

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The Pomeranian Features 

The Pomeranian

Did you know the Pomeranian was one of the few dogs to survive the Titanic? The Pomeranian is a yappy small breed of dog but loves their owner unconscionably. Pomeranians used to weigh 30 pounds and were usually a solid white color, but through breeding, Pomeranians have been made smaller and are now between six and nine pounds. Noticing a Pomeranian isn’t difficult; the first thing you’ll notice is its fluffy double coat that can be one of many different colors. They also have small foxlike ears that perk up…

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Happenstance Arts 


I let my mind meander, and words find me… If only for a moment, it’s a miracle to see…   Guided through a fog By shallow morning sun All which lay concealed is found   Perplexing past problems, just reflections of a time When questions are asked, and answers are lost If this is ideal, then what is the cost?   How a spring’s breeze, Can echo through the trees As forlorn feelings fall   Someplace, a point in space obscured by memories Exists sweet and pleasant dreams   If…

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Three Little Peas News 

Three Little Peas

Marine Rivoal’s Three Little Peas is a book about friendship, family and trust. It takes place in an unknown garden in which plant life is characterized as grey and aseptic. Two little peas, a luscious, vibrant green, pop out of their pods of oppression to explore the hostile land. The two little peas, almost identical in form except for a few minute details requiring a lot of time to distinguish, brave the monsters lying beyond the safety of their pod. They scale up precipitous trees, ere under poisonous mushrooms and…

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Montreal’s Dollar Cinema Voices 

Montreal’s Dollar Cinema

A few days ago, I decided to go to the Dollar Cinema, a lesser-known, underdog theater. A repertory cinema is a cinema that plays either foreign movies or simply movies that are old, or fresh out of the mainstream cinema (ex: Moana was playing there a week ago because it was out of theaters for a bit of time). Bundled with the cheap price of just over ten dollars for 2 tickets, a large popcorn, and a drink, in terms of monetary efficiency, it is a steal. The selling point…

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