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Salah and family’s Steelpan Band Arts Voices 

Salah and family’s Steelpan Band

On Thursday, the 23rd, Jake’s Mall was brightened by the sound of three members of the “Salah & Family Steelpan Band”. The trio played for about ninety minutes, and most of the songs they performed were modern-day pop and well-known, well-loved recent classics. If you were there, you would have recognized “Waka Waka” (by Shakira), and “Hold You” (by Gyptian), amongst at least a dozen songs. You can watch the trio playing Waka Waka on YouTube: The three people who played for us are all members of Salah’s band,…

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Gender Spectrum Panel Campus 

Gender Spectrum Panel

International Women’s week has come and gone, and all throughout campus and Montreal were events celebrating said day. An interesting event of which being a panel titled “The Gender Spectrum”, which was held on March 8th. The panel featured a host, Owen Wood, and four guest speakers, Lucas, Karine, Betty, and Kimura. The talk aimed at widening the horizons of the students at Vanier by exposing them to underrepresented experiences, as well as by offering them different points of views on certain issues. Of course, the message of the panel…

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