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They Played Themselves Sports 

They Played Themselves

Golf anyone? Now, the playoffs have started about a week ago. The Montreal Canadians were facing off against a strong and extremely underrated New York Rangers team, as the media were favoring Montreal to have it easy in this series. Do you believe in karma, because the Canadians were shut out in the first game 2-0, letting the Rangers dominate them on their home ice. Heading into game 2, the Habs desperately needed to win, as going to New York down two to nothing in the series was not an…

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Silence Arts 


I think in swollen metaphors, I am not drowning, I am eaten So I hold my thumb on the pulse of the universe and it is dead;   I spin my mind like fingers for fun, And dream my veins soiled in chocolate cake So I taste the sweetened marrow and my teeth mold in cheap rum   My throat wilts and dries, I am not a flower in winter, I am a weed in a housefire So I kiss the arson on the mouth and it tastes like warmth…

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