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Happenstance Arts 


I let my mind meander, and words find me… If only for a moment, it’s a miracle to see…   Guided through a fog By shallow morning sun All which lay concealed is found   Perplexing past problems, just reflections of a time When questions are asked, and answers are lost If this is ideal, then what is the cost?   How a spring’s breeze, Can echo through the trees As forlorn feelings fall   Someplace, a point in space obscured by memories Exists sweet and pleasant dreams   If…

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Three Little Peas News 

Three Little Peas

Marine Rivoal’s Three Little Peas is a book about friendship, family and trust. It takes place in an unknown garden in which plant life is characterized as grey and aseptic. Two little peas, a luscious, vibrant green, pop out of their pods of oppression to explore the hostile land. The two little peas, almost identical in form except for a few minute details requiring a lot of time to distinguish, brave the monsters lying beyond the safety of their pod. They scale up precipitous trees, ere under poisonous mushrooms and…

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