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The Little Documentary that Beat Dolan Entertainment 

The Little Documentary that Beat Dolan

You may have heard that Xavier Dolan’s latest film won three César awards and the Grand Prize at Cannes. On the morning of Saturday March 25th however, the 6th annual Prix Collegial du Cinema Quebecois (PCCQ) was surprisingly awarded to Manoir despite competing against four other better known films including Dolan’s. The kicker is that Vanier College was partially responsible for Dolan’s loss. The PCCQ is designed to get many CÉGEP students to see Quebec films followed by discussions and debates in order to heighten their cinematic culture, criticism, and…

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A Sea Of Feelings Arts 

A Sea Of Feelings

He brightens up my day Molds my heart like clay He has power over me, i love those blue eyes staring back at me.   We are platonic Though isn’t it ironic That I think he may feel something for me.   My heart goes pitter patter It may just shatter It is beating so hard. He beat down my wall of cards.   The gates are open It’s a flow of emotions Every time he looks at me.   So different is he As the other guys I see…

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