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When Am I…? Arts 

When Am I…?

I look outside this layer of glass, And find what I can see. I regard waves of light in their infinite mass, And in them I see me   Me? I ask. Who is this person? He is a creature like the rest; he consumes space and time. How is his condition? Is it bad, will it worsen? I think now and again; he must hear familiar bells chime.   If I can hear such bells, then I know I have air. It makes its way to my cerebrum, creating…

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French Sea In Haikus; Fragments Of A Mother Arts 

French Sea In Haikus; Fragments Of A Mother

A lioness speaks; Of war, breeze, and battle scars Whispers to her cub Anguished cries of a Cracked child pulled from the warm mud Kissed wounds for a dime Soft-furred open paws For the ripped paper doll kids Claws to the matches But lioness in a Sundress, a wicked guide for Bandaid heroines Scarlet lullabies Harsh bark of a gentle tongue Cub in a straight curve Twilight roars, star-jaw  Hot coals for a shattered view Black glass finger-kiss A lioness bites; Cracked neck of a passerby Royal feast in stains…

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