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Sonic (Deviant Art) Forces & Knuckles Entertainment 

Sonic (Deviant Art) Forces & Knuckles

This is an action-packed game! My character has a backstory that is too broad to mention, being an ally with all the protagonists known in the Sonic universe which I’ve written about. I’m a notable member of a prestigious art community on a website that I will not mention for the sake of anonymity. For years, many of my literary works in the form of fiction have been published online and positively received by thousands of scholarly partisans worldwide.   Most comments consist of remarks such as “Wow! Awesome! Amazing!…

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Floral Beauty Arts 

Floral Beauty

Photo By: Sosse Karasarkissian   Floral Beauty It’s on the tip of my tongue; The solar rays subsiding; A flower’s bloom is subtle yet bold We’ve been enticed beyond this threshold. ‏ ­ In such a game, I plea for objection My thoughts fail to resonate The body is the weeping of a parting soul, Life cannot last The objective is clear But the heart smolders into indifferent charcoal. ‏ The mysticism behind the eyes A soft gaze which conceals synthesis; Entering a secret room in the back of my mind…

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Blind Truth: Yet Another Humanitarian Crisis News 

Blind Truth: Yet Another Humanitarian Crisis

Editor’s Note: We were fortunate enough to have received two articles about the situation in Myanmar, and we’ve combined paragraphs from both articles, as they are complementary to each other.   Despite not being widely publicized by the media, the Rohingya people, situated in South-Asia, are experiencing what any humanitarian would call a genocide. The Rohingyas are primarily Muslims and reside in Rakhine state in the majority Buddhist country of Myanmar. This group of individuals is considered to be stateless as they have been denied citizenship in Myanmar for over…

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The 2018 Provincial Election is Getting Off To An Early Start News 

The 2018 Provincial Election is Getting Off To An Early Start

The next scheduled provincial election is on October 1st, 2018, a little less than a year from now. Before 2013, election dates were not fixed, the Premier of Québec had the power to set the date of an election as long as it came under the 5-year term limit set by the constitution. This process gave an advantage to the party in power, as they would have the upper hand in knowing the date of the election and also have the power to call an election when opinion polls were…

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Vanier’s Got Talent 2017 Arts Campus 

Vanier’s Got Talent 2017

The date was November 23rd, 2017. Inside Vanier’s Auditorium, seven hours past noon, a hush falls on the crowd as 13 students prepare to showcase their creativity. The resulting show was entertaining and had quite the variety of artistic mediums on display.   There were three award winners in this show. First, was for best performance, given to the performer who was the best in the show. Second, was for the most creative act, given to the performer with the most original and unique performance. Finally, there was the Coup…

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2nd Annual Sustainability Conference Features 

2nd Annual Sustainability Conference

Sustainability is a field of study that involves looking into how natural systems function, and finding a balance between societal, environmental and economic factors in order to preserve the environment for future generations.   On November 11th, students from Cegeps in the Montreal area came together to talk about sustainability, its importance, and the challenges involved in achieving and maintaining it. Held in Concordia University’s John Molson building, attendees took part in a full day of activities, guest speakers, and conversations with peers. The day started at 10:00 am, when…

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Success at the McGill Physics Hackathon Campus 

Success at the McGill Physics Hackathon

On the weekend of November 4th and 5th, three second-year Vanier students, Teresa Altamirano Mayoral, Diego Lopez, and KC Tsiolis, along with Mara Boureanu from John Abbott College, finished in 4th place in McGill’s Physics Hackathon, held at the “Société des arts technologiques (SAT)”. The teams participating in the hackathon (most of which were composed of university students) had 24 hours to create the program that simulates a physics phenomenon.   The 4th place finishers impressed the judges with The Physics Playground, a program similar to Microsoft Paint that simulates…

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Need help, eh? Vanier Alumni 

Need help, eh?

Where Estérel, Quebec’s best, erected, there were three messengers. These men were well, yet meek. Speeches were the men’s preferences. Estelle the Jester, termed “Jestelle”, heckled them. Whenever she screeched, she felt glee. Whenever she yelped, the men felt depleted. The men remember when Jestelle met them:   “The deer were peeved, then wrecked me legs!” she yelled. “Deft, these deer were. Never respect them, never respect these three men!”   The three men were perplexed.   “Elle est belle” led René, the French member   “Pervert”, heeded Ernest  …

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How to get 6000 students hyped: Fire Drill Features 

How to get 6000 students hyped: Fire Drill

I was in the Peer Tutoring Center talking about cultures when it happened. A piercing screech nearly busted my eardrums. It was a fire! I managed to freeze out of my seat and grab my papers to get out of school. I walked across the room, crossed the library reception, passed the bunch of people and waited for the student hoard to go down the staircase. I walked down the stair case to the first floor and made my way across the cafeteria and exited the building. I continued across…

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