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Clouded Thoughts Arts 

Clouded Thoughts

Photo By: Rupert Makie   Clouded Thoughts Venture forth, and explore these emotions, they go a long way The clouds have hovered through my mind since the very first day This fog is unpredictable, as the skies weep No matter what I think about, it’s hard to sleep You’ll ask me how I am, is the answer “okay”? ‏ Like an unstable dancer, I’ll often move without grace But I’ve resolved to keep on moving at my own pace The future is approaching with a wistful embrace When weeks are filled…

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What’s The Deal With: Super Mario Odyssey – First Impressions Entertainment 

What’s The Deal With: Super Mario Odyssey – First Impressions

Not long after picking up the controller and starting to play Super Mario Odyssey, does one realize how insanely fun it is. It’s abundantly clear that Nintendo has crafted another masterful example of the platforming genre of games, which Mario himself helped create back in the 1980s.   Even after playing for 10 hours, there’s no end to the collecting of Power Moons in sight.   Odyssey represents a continuation of the more openended 3D Mario games such as 64 and Sunshine, and there are many more layers on top…

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