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Herbal Tea Workshop at Vanier Campus 

Herbal Tea Workshop at Vanier

On October 10th, the Vanier Collective Gardens held an Herbal Tea Workshop hosted by Naughty Nettle Medicinals. Naughty Nettles Medicinals is an organic grocery store that holds herbal workshops in and around the Montreal area. For more information about the company feel free to visit their Facebook page. The workshop held at Vanier focused on Herbal Tea and its benefits, but also the benefits of many local plants to our health. It was very hands-on and interactive, and everyone who attended certainly learned something new about the medicinal properties of…

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What’s The Deal With: Pit – A “Kid Icarus Uprising” Retrospective Entertainment 

What’s The Deal With: Pit – A “Kid Icarus Uprising” Retrospective

I begin playing Kid Icarus: Uprising and the very first line of dialogue has Pit saying: “Sorry to keep you waiting.”, as he dives into the first level. Pit’s statement is acknowledging the fact that the previous Kid Icarus game in the series was released over twenty years ago, as of 2012, on the Game Boy in 1991. I’m pleased by the reality that this game would have been worth the long wait for someone growing up in the early nineties.   Uprising is the direct sequel to Kid Icarus,…

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House of Snow Arts 

House of Snow

In a bleak dwelling of snow and frost In this house of white satinian floors Betwixt the lunacies, dejected and lost I am alone, burning, behind closed doors Charred by my own cave-in, and lonely roars — Of a lone volition so simply mine I feel the need to bleed and hurt, and freeze. My sorrows leave me to myself unease Left empty, above cold and wretched floors In a facade of grace, of pain and sores — And to these walls of folly and self-doubt Far away from spirit,…

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Infinity Arts 


Photo By: Paola Lopez Velasco   Infinity To the Universe at large, We are incalculably small; So that our despair may discharge, We continue to laugh after we crawl.   Should this turn out to be the end I’ll hold nothing sacred; We turn and turn on this Mobius dividend Perpetually dissatisfied, we want only to feel elated. Written By: Isaac Dinotno

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Love Transcends Logic Voices 

Love Transcends Logic

Let me tell you what I wanted to write down: love transcends logic. There, I wrote it. Ever since I started reading “The Brothers Karamazov” I’ve had that idea stuck in my head. Just like flashes of unnecessary conscious awareness (when you suddenly become aware of the manner of your gait for no reason whatsoever, for example), it would swing into my thought process unexpectedly, at random intervals of time, really inconsistently if I might add. Sometimes I would go weeks without thinking about it, and other times, for days…

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My experience with Tamagotchi Entertainment 

My experience with Tamagotchi

Most of us remember Tamagotchi being a popular craze from our elementary school days. All your classmates had them, and they were a fun way to connect with friends. For those who don’t know about them, they are a virtual pet originating in Japan, that you must feed and care for. They are small and portable, so you can care for your Tamagotchi on the go. Unfortunately, the toys are no longer sold in stores outside of Japan due to decline in popularity. However, Tamagotchi turned 20 years old this…

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The Ferret Features 

The Ferret

The ferret is as curious as a cat and as playful as a puppy. The ferrets always look for adventures and are a social breed; usually, you’ll always see two ferrets together. Getting a ferret means you’re getting your own personal clown. If you want a ferret, make sure you don’t live in a place where they are banned; in certain places, it’s illegal to have ferrets. If you have a strong and sensitive nose, make sure you’re alright with the ferret’s distinct order. Ferrets have such a flexible spine…

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