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House of Snow Arts 

House of Snow

In a bleak dwelling of snow and frost

In this house of white satinian floors

Betwixt the lunacies, dejected and lost

I am alone, burning, behind closed doors

Charred by my own cave-in, and lonely roars

Of a lone volition so simply mine

I feel the need to bleed and hurt, and freeze.

My sorrows leave me to myself unease

Left empty, above cold and wretched floors

In a facade of grace, of pain and sores

And to these walls of folly and self-doubt

Far away from spirit, from eyes and hearts

I’m again chained, lashed with hatred and doubt

To the glacial path forsworn and taken

To away from here, this house forsaken

A house of veins and blood, hurting and freezing,

This house of emotions and lunacies

This house of pain, this house of snow

Written By: Maxime S. Barthe

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