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Vanier Chess Initiative Campus 

Vanier Chess Initiative

Oh jeez Rick… I wanna learn how to play Chess at Vanier, I found out how. It’s called the Vanier Chess Initiative; oh man, Rick! It’s an instructional chess program being offered this semester that will help me develop a more nuanced approach to the game. Oh man, Rick! I’m thinkin’ about learning chess, and I’m starting to work up some anxiety about this whole thing! But I don’t need to worry, right? I mean, it’s been demonstrated that young Mortys who play chess experience improvement in their math, science,…

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Clubs Day Campus Features 

Clubs Day

As happens at the beginning of every semester, the VCSA organized a Clubs Day, bringing together representatives from most of the approved and existing student clubs. Tables were laid out around the far edges of the D-cafeteria, creating an inviting space for people to enter and scope out. During the blistering noon-hour UB of Sept 20th, there were people playing electric guitars, video games, serving complimentary food and drinks, and dancing. It was loud! It was hot! It was a good place to meet people. The first thing one would…

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The Vanier Collective Gardens Campus 

The Vanier Collective Gardens

What a season at the Vanier Collective Gardens this year! A detailed update is available on the website below. In sum, we can easily state that this project is thriving with success following improved infrastructures and increased visibility within the Vanier community. Our goal to make it a tool accessible to all teachers, staff, programs and sectors of the college is being achieved at an unprecedented rate. A Guide for Teachers and Staff is now available on the website. As usual, I invite you to contact me to discuss how…

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People of Vanier: Say Hello to Edwin! Campus 

People of Vanier: Say Hello to Edwin!

Perhaps you’ve noticed some of our campus superheroes? You know, the people who keep this place feeling like an oasis? If not, maybe you should!   Edwin has been on the property this past week washing our windows. It’s been a real treat to see him handle a brush, and running water, five stories up in the air!! Can you imagine wiping a window 70 feet away from you, fifty feet up in the air?! I can’t.   Edwin handles the equipment with complete ease – what a surprise to…

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Indigenous Awareness Week Campus 

Indigenous Awareness Week

Photos: Courtesy of Student Services If you’ve ever attended a symposium or other similar event in the auditorium at Vanier College, then you’ve probably heard the following: “We acknowledge that this event takes place on Tio’tia:ke (where the currants meet / Montreal), which is situated on the traditional unceded territories of the Kanien’kehá:ka people, more commonly known as Mohawk. Tio’tia:ke was also a gathering place for many First Nations.” The college certainly makes a point of respecting and embracing First Nation culture and rights – and not just by repeating…

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Ouvrons nos fenêtres gagnants Campus 

Ouvrons nos fenêtres gagnants

Le mercredi, 5 avril dernier a eu lieu le lancement de Ouvrons nos fenêtres, un recueil d’écrits interculturels façonnés par les plumes *claviers* d’élèves du Cégep Vanier pour la publication 2016-2017. Parmi les nombreux textes reçus en soumission,  32 ont été sélectionné afin de paraître dans l’œuvre collectif disponible même à la Grande Bibliothèque, au centre-ville. Les chargés du projet, Rachel Jobin et Josée Tamiozzo décrivent la publication : « Écrits dans une langue qui est généralement une langue seconde, parfois tierce, ces textes sensibles et très actuels nous plongent dans…

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Gender Spectrum Panel Campus 

Gender Spectrum Panel

International Women’s week has come and gone, and all throughout campus and Montreal were events celebrating said day. An interesting event of which being a panel titled “The Gender Spectrum”, which was held on March 8th. The panel featured a host, Owen Wood, and four guest speakers, Lucas, Karine, Betty, and Kimura. The talk aimed at widening the horizons of the students at Vanier by exposing them to underrepresented experiences, as well as by offering them different points of views on certain issues. Of course, the message of the panel…

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Ouvrons nos Yeux Ecrits Interculturel Campus 

Ouvrons nos Yeux Ecrits Interculturel

Chaque année, notre cégep célèbre la diversité de notre corps étudiant, enseignant, et professionel, avec la publication de Ouvrons nos yeux – un recueil de textes Écrits interculturels. Le livre, disponible à la bibliothèque de l’école après son lancement annuel, est un méli-mélo d’œuvres de poésie, de narration, et d’essaies personnels en lien avec l’interculturalité, façonner par la plume (ou plutôt, par le clavier) de nombreux étudiants du cégep Vanier. Vous êtes invités au lancement 2017 : le mercredi 5 avril, à midi, au local B-325! Every year, the college celebrates…

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First intercollegiate slam poetry competition Campus News 

First intercollegiate slam poetry competition

Slam, or spoken-word poetry, is a growing practice among young adults in North America, and is replacing the classic image of a poet with a more modern version. Spoken-word competitions consist of a series of writers, or modern poets, who read their work aloud, turn by turn: changing the face of poetry, as it is no longer directed towards readers, but to an audience. This allows the author of a poem to employ different techniques to give them a greater control over rhythm, speed, tone of voice, etc., and entices…

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