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People of Vanier: Say Hello to Edwin! Campus 

People of Vanier: Say Hello to Edwin!

Perhaps you’ve noticed some of our campus superheroes? You know, the people who keep this place feeling like an oasis? If not, maybe you should!

Edwin has been on the property this past week washing our windows. It’s been a real treat to see him handle a brush, and running water, five stories up in the air!! Can you imagine wiping a window 70 feet away from you, fifty feet up in the air?! I can’t.

Edwin handles the equipment with complete ease – what a surprise to watch him twitch the pole to the left while the brush, five stories up above his head is still moving in the other direction in response to his last command. It’s remarkable.

Our campus is maintained by several dedicated and highly-skilled experts. Edwin isn’t one of our staff, but he was probably hired because he’s the best in his field.

If you see our painters, carpenters, security or other tradesmen around, don’t forget to thank them for making Vanier such a pleasure to visit… and if you see things amiss on campus, pitch in and clean up the litter, or let administration know that something needs a little TLC.
Thank you very much to our college’s unsung heroes!!! Way to go!


Written by: John Martzouco

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