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7,000 Students Share 1,000 Lockers Campus 

7,000 Students Share 1,000 Lockers

Were you lucky enough to be assigned a locker this semester? If you were, count yourself blessed! – two-thirds of your fellow students don’t have one.

An informal survey of the locker rooms at the end of the first week of classes revealed that roughly 40% of lockerettes are standing empty and unused. If you own one of these, will you kindly put a lock on it? If you’ve decided that you’re not going to use your storage unit this semester, how about surrendering it so that someone who’s on the waiting list can profit from it? We know that you’ve got the right to do whatever you want with it, considering it’s paid for and all, but how about showing a little empathy for the people who are eagerly waiting for one?

At present, the waiting list for lockers is relatively long, and Student Services (SS) is keen to make everybody happy. They’re trying their best to make peoples’ daily lives as comfortable as possible and dearly wish they had enough lockers to go around. That being said, you can lighten their load by renouncing yours. Please contact the SS team in C-203 to release your locker and recuperate your fee if you’ve decided you can live without it. Thanks!

For those of you who haven’t got one – try and resist the urge to squat someone else’s property! SS is playing hardball protecting the rights of their locker-owning clients and *will* have your lock snipped off **and** hit you with a $25 fine if they get called. Although the notices on campus mention that they’ll dispose of your belongings (which is tantamount to theft), they don’t mention the monetary penalty.


Regardless, they’re being hard-nosed about collecting the fine!! Informing them that it contravenes provincial law disallowing fine-print “hidden details” in Contract Law had almost no effect when it was brought to the table and SS ***will*** suspend you if you don’t pay up – yeah… they’re equating locker squatting with theft. Unless you have the energy and time to fight the college in Small Claims Court two years hence… be careful and beware.
Student Services publishes locker information here:


Written by: John Martzouco

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