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Gender Spectrum Panel Campus 

Gender Spectrum Panel

International Women’s week has come and gone, and all throughout campus and Montreal were events celebrating said day. An interesting event of which being a panel titled “The Gender Spectrum”, which was held on March 8th. The panel featured a host, Owen Wood, and four guest speakers, Lucas, Karine, Betty, and Kimura. The talk aimed at widening the horizons of the students at Vanier by exposing them to underrepresented experiences, as well as by offering them different points of views on certain issues. Of course, the message of the panel…

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Beheld Arts 


If I tell you you’re beautiful, I most certainly mean it, Perhaps nothing to do with the physical, But something to do with your spirit,   I can’t promise you’ll understand, In this world not many people do, If you just give me a chance and take my hand, I’ll try to express the true beauty in you,   It lies not in the color of your eyes, But in the kindness that shines through them, Nor is it in your shape or size, But how confident you walk through…

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Ouvrons nos Yeux Ecrits Interculturel Campus 

Ouvrons nos Yeux Ecrits Interculturel

Chaque année, notre cégep célèbre la diversité de notre corps étudiant, enseignant, et professionel, avec la publication de Ouvrons nos yeux – un recueil de textes Écrits interculturels. Le livre, disponible à la bibliothèque de l’école après son lancement annuel, est un méli-mélo d’œuvres de poésie, de narration, et d’essaies personnels en lien avec l’interculturalité, façonner par la plume (ou plutôt, par le clavier) de nombreux étudiants du cégep Vanier. Vous êtes invités au lancement 2017 : le mercredi 5 avril, à midi, au local B-325! Every year, the college celebrates…

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The Little Documentary that Beat Dolan Entertainment 

The Little Documentary that Beat Dolan

You may have heard that Xavier Dolan’s latest film won three César awards and the Grand Prize at Cannes. On the morning of Saturday March 25th however, the 6th annual Prix Collegial du Cinema Quebecois (PCCQ) was surprisingly awarded to Manoir despite competing against four other better known films including Dolan’s. The kicker is that Vanier College was partially responsible for Dolan’s loss. The PCCQ is designed to get many CÉGEP students to see Quebec films followed by discussions and debates in order to heighten their cinematic culture, criticism, and…

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A Sea Of Feelings Arts 

A Sea Of Feelings

He brightens up my day Molds my heart like clay He has power over me, i love those blue eyes staring back at me.   We are platonic Though isn’t it ironic That I think he may feel something for me.   My heart goes pitter patter It may just shatter It is beating so hard. He beat down my wall of cards.   The gates are open It’s a flow of emotions Every time he looks at me.   So different is he As the other guys I see…

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First intercollegiate slam poetry competition Campus News 

First intercollegiate slam poetry competition

Slam, or spoken-word poetry, is a growing practice among young adults in North America, and is replacing the classic image of a poet with a more modern version. Spoken-word competitions consist of a series of writers, or modern poets, who read their work aloud, turn by turn: changing the face of poetry, as it is no longer directed towards readers, but to an audience. This allows the author of a poem to employ different techniques to give them a greater control over rhythm, speed, tone of voice, etc., and entices…

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Give Hope by Dancing News 

Give Hope by Dancing

Since 1991, with an amazing total of 135 million dollars raised, the Children’s Miracle Network has been working hard to help the countless children affected by illness in Canada. One of their more popular charity initiatives has been the Dance Marathon hosted by high schools, colleges and universities alike across the country. For generations, hundreds of dedicated students have worked to help these children and raise money for the hospitals that try so hard to bring their health back. Of course, the students of Montreal have joined the healing movement….

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