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A Letter from a fellow Vanier student Voices 

A Letter from a fellow Vanier student

Dear Readers, I’m Anora. I’m a writer and a photographer, wishing to pursue both professionally, and working towards that goal. I originally was going to write about my first week at Vanier, but honestly, it was nothing special – just different. Instead, I will focus on a few special moments in the first month of cegep at Vanier. So much has happened so far and it has been really different. To start off, I have been making many friends at school – though ironically, the majority of them are boys…

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A House Arts 

A House

Across a narrow street from a busy highway viaduct, there was a house. The bricks of the house were painted dark blue. On the right side of the doors, people kicking snow off their boots had chipped away at the paint, revealing the original rusty red. There was also a little stained glass window, with a fleur-de-lis bulging out in the middle, from which a few pieces had gone missing. On the left side, there was a bay window, off-white, with oak shutters. The doors were oak too, with a…

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Anxiety and Depression Group Therapy Sessions at Vanier Campus 

Anxiety and Depression Group Therapy Sessions at Vanier

The midterms are fast approaching and students are trying their best to prepare for these successive tests all conveniently scheduled on the same week, or even worse, on the same day! Some students however, have more than just school on their minds. Introducing Vanier’s Anxiety and Depression group therapy sessions! Students can join sessions for free and talk openly about their troubles with others who can sympathize, in order to relieve stress. It will take a lot of courage to commit, but do not fret, as everyone is facing their…

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Things to Do at Vanier Campus 

Things to Do at Vanier

Looking to do something around school? Join a club! It has been more than a month that the majority of us have been running from back-to-back classes, and studying for tests in-between, all while trying to stay at a healthy level of student sanity. Being a brand new student at Vanier and walking through the unfamiliar campus full of new faces is overwhelming enough. Sounds like you? Want to de-stress and meet some cool people to talk to? Well, look no further! Many student-run clubs have flourished at Vanier, and…

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