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Still Thinking About Your Career Options? Voices 

Still Thinking About Your Career Options?

Are you still wondering what your options are in the future? What kinds of careers are out there, or want to find out jobs that actually pertain to your interest? Just attending Cegep because “that’s what you’re supposed to do”? Well, if you feel this way, then attending the Vanier Student Services Career Workshop might help you out!                This workshop consists of helping you find out more about yourself, and also learning more about what kinds of careers that are available and suited your needs. All you have to do…

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It was a Breath of Fresh Air Ride Entertainment 

It was a Breath of Fresh Air Ride

When people think of Nintendo racing games, there’s no doubt that Mario Kart comes to mind, and maybe even F-Zero for older fans. But there’s another game that often gets forgotten, buried underneath the discussion. That game is Kirby Air Ride, and it’s quite different from anything else. This game came out on the Nintendo GameCube way back in 2003, and was designed by none other than Masahiro Sakurai himself, the man behind the Super Smash Bros. series as well as Kid Icarus: Uprising, and original creator of the Kirby character. This game may have fallen by the wayside at the time of its release, but to those…

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