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Still Thinking About Your Career Options? Voices 

Still Thinking About Your Career Options?

Are you still wondering what your options are in the future? What kinds of careers are out there, or want to find out jobs that actually pertain to your interest? Just attending Cegep because “that’s what you’re supposed to do”? Well, if you feel this way, then attending the Vanier Student Services Career Workshop might help you out!

               This workshop consists of helping you find out more about yourself, and also learning more about what kinds of careers that are available and suited your needs. All you have to do is send an email to to fill out an online questionnaire. Once completed, you must go to the workshop in room D-241, where you will obtain your results. Olivia Morin, the guidance counsellor of Vanier, will show you how to interpret the results and show you multiple resources to guide and help you explore the job market. This workshop is usually done nearly every Universal Break, so from 12:30pm to 2:00pm. If you cannot attend this week’s, or the next, don’t fret; the workshop is available year-round. However, if you arrive late to the current workshop; you will have to wait for the following week’s session.

Still a bit skeptical? Well, if this helps, I actually attended the career workshop myself. I saw the poster around school and I thought to myself “Why not?”. I also needed a bit of advice (if you will) about the job market, so I sent an email to the following address. I received instructions about what to do and where to go to fill in the questionnaire. It was a little bit long, but it isn’t as bad since most of the questions were asking about what you are interested in, what you like, dislike or agree, and that’s pretty easy to answer. It was a simple questionnaire.

After that, it was Wednesday during universal break, and I arrived in a room full of computers. There was only one other person that was present in the room and then the coordinator arrived. This person introduced herself as Olivia Morin, and she gave out my results and explained how it was obtained. She broke it down for us step by step and I found it to be helpful, since it gave me clarity about what my values and goals were, what I enjoyed doing, and some personal traits I may not have known about myself. Those are some of the aspects that were given to me, on my results, and it made it clearer about what I had wanted to pursue later on. I think knowing yourself is a good start about where you want to go and what you want to do in the future.

Then, she asked us if we had any questions. She then showed us websites where they portray certain jobs that ‘match’ to your results, and descriptions of many other careers. Some websites were in French, others were also in English. It was nearly the end of the break by the time we had begun to explore on these sites. Morin then mentioned that should we have any more questions, she is available by appointment through Student Services.

In the end, I think it helped me to take a step in the right direction. It allowed me to understand what I’m capable of, what I actually enjoy doing, and what I can potentially do in the future.

Though I do remember her saying how you shouldn’t let yourself ‘be trapped in a box’ by seeing these results. Obviously, everything is not concrete, but you if are having trouble identifying what you might connect with in a career or in the future, I think it might lead you to take a first step in the right direction. Again, it is a guide, but at least having a guide can be the start of something.

If you would are interested about learning more, Student Services has a lot of resources about careers. There are also many universities that will be visiting Vanier College in the following weeks of October, for those that graduate in Winter 2017, so keep your eyes and ears open for news to come.

Written By: Aline Yip

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