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A Night to Remember Sports 

A Night to Remember

It all started at the Radisson Metro Station, 7 pm, one hour away from kick off. The metro station was filled to the entrance with Montreal Impact fans wanting to get to the Olympic Stadium on time for the start of the Eastern Conference Semifinals match against non-other then their long-time rivals: Toronto FC. The game was completely sold out with a stellar crowd of 61 004 fans attending this historic event at the big O. 7:12 pm, finally at the stadium, there were about 30 000 people waiting to…

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Mes enfants n’ont pas peur du noir – Review Entertainment 

Mes enfants n’ont pas peur du noir – Review

Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary theatre-going experience? Contemporary theatre may be just the thing for you! At Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui, the cramped space and unusual stage placement (diagonally across the square room) may raise a few eyebrows, but Jean-Denis Beaudoin’s Mes enfants n’ont pas peur du noir captivates the audience right from the start. Filled with light-hearted tragedy, this production has the audience alternating between sitting on the edge of their seats and erupting with laughter. The play is based on the director’s story, but the references to Hansel and…

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Nintendo Switch: After the Hype-Storm Thoughts Entertainment 

Nintendo Switch: After the Hype-Storm Thoughts

It has been nearly three weeks since the announcement of the Nintendo Switch, and now that the initial shock has been tamed, it may be safer to make observations. When the console was revealed, there were two kinds of people; the ones that whole-heartedly supported the changes and the ones that instantly shunned the idea down for various reasons. The majority of people, myself included, seem to have fallen into the former. Times have changed since then, however, and now taking a step back is necessary. The console appears to…

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