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The Spectacle Sports 

The Spectacle

November 30th was the second leg between the Montreal Impact and Toronto FC. The game was being played at BMO Field in Toronto, as Montreal hosted the first match of the series. Many broadcasters and insiders were predicting a very tight, but open scoring match. And boy, were they spot on. Not only was history bound to be created after the final whistle of the game, as the first Canadian team to reach the MLS final would be revealed, but we also got a hell of a goal fest spectacle….

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Puppy Pals – Pet Therapy Campus 

Puppy Pals – Pet Therapy

Puppy therapy consists of bringing dogs to patients in the hospital – or nursing home residents, or students in schools, etc. – in order to reduce stress, fear, and anxiety. This method has worked successfully and is practiced worldwide, with a number of advantages. Puppy therapy is known to have both an emotional and physical impact on patients. A 2002 study found that pets who visit hospitals provide stress relief, normalization of hospital milieu, generation of positive rapport and feelings, and the increase of satisfaction and morale for patients as…

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A Review of Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival Entertainment 

A Review of Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival

                 Denis Villeneuve’s new science-fiction film, Arrival, starring Amy Adams, would be best described as an experience. The plot builds onto itself, appearing clumsy and strange as the story begins, alternating between a slow buildup with frequent repetitions, and plot advancements which seem to happen too fast. The flow is murky and shifting, and yet the film takes hold in a very powerful way at a critical time, and from then, is unrelenting. The film’s form, in this sense, is intimately connected to its subject matter: Linguistics.   The…

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Underused Study Areas on Campus Campus 

Underused Study Areas on Campus

The library (for those of us who’ve seen it before) used to provide not only books but a large number of space for students to be able to work and study in peace. Due to the renovations taking place at the moment, the school has opened up many rooms available to us students. However, it seems that some still don’t know where to go on campus for a positive learning space. Don’t fret, here’s a list of the underused rooms available to students: B-512 Chemistry Resource Room – Help Available…

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Untitled Arts 


Allotted a steel corner in the Boardroom hall Crouched on pin legs the Devil’s pet dances   Entertainment for the Fallen crowd, merging, mending, swarming Gallows for a trumped up Heartbeat like a hummingbird’s wings   Insides boiling, slick slab of skin molding Justice for the raging madman Kill the sea of bulging Larvae building up   Multiplying, feverish dreams toying with the mind Never-ending maze Obvious buildup for the cracking skulls Please, please, please, help m-   Quarter of a person Recycled parts for the people Sold into admiration…

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