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Underused Study Areas on Campus Campus 

Underused Study Areas on Campus

The library (for those of us who’ve seen it before) used to provide not only books but a large number of space for students to be able to work and study in peace. Due to the renovations taking place at the moment, the school has opened up many rooms available to us students. However, it seems that some still don’t know where to go on campus for a positive learning space. Don’t fret, here’s a list of the underused rooms available to students:

B-512 Chemistry Resource Room – Help Available

D-100 Vanier Library – Help Available *

D-140 Vanier Library *

N-131 VCSA Study Space

B-222 Learning Centre Study Space *

C-403 Languages and Cultures Resource Room

C-409 CLEO – French Resource Room – Help Available

* Laptops available for use in B-205E.

P.S. There’s a quiet study area at the top floor of the G complex right next to the staff rooms 😉


Written By: Mohammed Choudhury

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