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Vanier College Blood Drive Campus 

Vanier College Blood Drive

On September 27th and 28th, an Héma-Québec blood drive was held at Vanier College. Though the moral implications of the ban implemented by the Canadian government on donations given by men who have sex with men have certainly created controversy (see Colin Golding’s article “If you Prick us, do we not Bleed?”), there is no doubt that individuals who have the ability to give blood, should. Each donation helps three people on average, and while awaiting the government to modify their discriminatory policy, donating generously if you aren’t affected by…

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The Corruptness of Animal Agriculture News 

The Corruptness of Animal Agriculture

The leading countries of the world met up at the climate summit in Paris from November 30th to December 12th 2015, to come up with solutions to the worldwide crisis that is climate change. During this agreement, the main point that was discussed and finally agreed upon was that we have to keep the global temperature increase below two degrees Celsius. It had been decided that everyone should go about doing their part is by cutting down on the extraction of fossil fuels and carbon emissions, which by the way,…

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