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Anxiety and Depression Group Therapy Sessions at Vanier Campus 

Anxiety and Depression Group Therapy Sessions at Vanier

The midterms are fast approaching and students are trying their best to prepare for these successive tests all conveniently scheduled on the same week, or even worse, on the same day! Some students however, have more than just school on their minds.

Introducing Vanier’s Anxiety and Depression group therapy sessions! Students can join sessions for free and talk openly about their troubles with others who can sympathize, in order to relieve stress. It will take a lot of courage to commit, but do not fret, as everyone is facing their own problems and yours are just as important and relevant as anybody else’s. By joining, you can develop close relationships to the other members and realize that you’re not alone, because there are others facing similar difficulties. Students can learn quite a lot from each other by helping others to cope with their situations as well receiving support in return.

The program has been put together and organized by Kiraz Johannsen, a psychotherapist who has been working with the school for over two years. She is also a director of the Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA). During these sessions, students will share what they have in mind and receive support from the other people in the group. At the end of each session, Kiraz will give an educational talk about human psychology and provide other useful information. Journals will also be handed out to each student in order for them to express anything they have in mind throughout the week. Also, students will be given short mini assignments to do in these journals. Sessions will take place during UB from 12 to 1:20 until December. To sign up, or for more information contact Kiraz Johannsen at

Written By: Mohammed Choudhury

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