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What’s The Deal with: Rick Sanchez (C-137) – Squanchiest character yet? Or needs to get more schwifty? Entertainment 

What’s The Deal with: Rick Sanchez (C-137) – Squanchiest character yet? Or needs to get more schwifty?

For those among you who aren’t familiar with Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s Adult Swim animated sci-fi comedy, stop reading this article now, watch all three seasons of Rick and Morty, then come back and read this article. It’ll only take you 682 minutes, or a little over 11 hours. You’ll be able to thank the author of this article for this recommendation later. Spoilers lay ahead. Now, with season three recently concluded, fans of the show have a painfully long wait ahead of them. To combat the impending Rick…

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Nintendo Direct Headlines: September 2017 Entertainment 

Nintendo Direct Headlines: September 2017

Earlier this month, Nintendo had some big announcements during their Nintendo Direct broadcast. So what awaits fans down the pipeline? Let’s hop right in and see what the biggest announcements were!   The biggest upcoming 3DS title, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, received a spotlight which kicked off the Direct broadcast. We learned a little bit about the cover-art Pokémon for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, which are new forms of Necrozma that have fused with Solgaleo and Lunala respectively. We briefly saw a couple of new areas in the Alola…

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Vanier Gym Membership: Now it’s Free! Campus Sports 

Vanier Gym Membership: Now it’s Free!

Let’s get a good stretch! Why would you need to? Well, my humble reader, aside from the physiological benefits that come alongside being flexible, you need to stretch after that great workout you’re going to get at Vanier’s gym right here on campus. You read the title of this article, and you’re not going crazy, the gym membership really is free! That’s right: FREE! All full-time students are now able to access the campus’ gym by visiting the VCSA office (room C-214) and acquiring the sticker for your Student ID…

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Salutations Students! Voices 

Salutations Students!

To new and returning students alike, salutations!   As you enter Vanier to start a new semester, you’ll see swarms of students, cascading up and down hallways, perhaps looking for their next class. You’ll witness the long lines at the bookstore, alongside the massive chatter of the cafeteria. As you plod prudently through piles of students during your first days, you may be wondering: “What’s my place amidst all of this?”. Well, the answer to that incredibly specific hypothetical question is simple: CEGEP is a system that allows you to…

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Maybe Arts 


I zoned out again. I have always enjoyed thinking to myself, thinking about who I am. I supposed that I was the protagonist in a story of my own creation. I always delved into these thoughts when I was alone. Coasting down cold snowy roads, skipping across searing hot street, no matter the season, I would still get lost in my thoughts. One particular afternoon was a lovely one. The family would take the car out on day trips, and I would always stare out the window. Through the window…

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Nintendo Switch Headlines Entertainment 

Nintendo Switch Headlines

On April 12th, Nintendo made numerous announcements regarding upcoming titles for the Nintendo Switch in their Nintendo Direct online broadcast. For those of you who may have missed the broadcast, here are the biggest takeaways: The Broadcast started off with a reintroduction of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, an enhanced port of the 2014 Wii U game, Mario Kart 8. The Switch port adds a slew of new features, including new characters and vehicles, the return of double items, but most substantially, a traditional battle mode which didn’t appear in the…

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Oh well.. I wrote it.. so.. Arts 

Oh well.. I wrote it.. so..

I just don’t feel inspired I have worried and waited I’ve already debated But now I just feel tired   So, so, so much work And more to do still I no longer smirk I have had my fill   In the very beginning Things were always lots of fun But now I just feel “so done” No longer am I grinning   Have I ever felt like this friend? Wanted all my problems to end? I may have some helpful advice Hopefully my words will suffice   I Turn…

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Happenstance Arts 


I let my mind meander, and words find me… If only for a moment, it’s a miracle to see…   Guided through a fog By shallow morning sun All which lay concealed is found   Perplexing past problems, just reflections of a time When questions are asked, and answers are lost If this is ideal, then what is the cost?   How a spring’s breeze, Can echo through the trees As forlorn feelings fall   Someplace, a point in space obscured by memories Exists sweet and pleasant dreams   If…

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Microwaves at Vanier want your personal information* News 

Microwaves at Vanier want your personal information*

It was a wintery springtime day at Vanier, it happened last week; a student discovered that the microwaves in Vanier College were spying on all of us. Isaac Dinotno, a student at Vanier, came to us to comment: “I know we always suspected that those machines were suspicious, but now, things are just getting out of hand!” Dinotno started. We asked how Dinotno was able to determine that the microwave was spying on him: “It was so spooky man! When I pressed the 2 button, the microwave knew right away…

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I Did Not Write This Arts 

I Did Not Write This

Look at this beautiful image. To kneel before another is a resignation of one’s will, perhaps it is that. I was scared when come nighttime because I didn’t want to resign as the sun and moon do for each other. I didn’t want to rise and fall as the sun does every cycle, so I drove on this empty road chasing the sun as it sat, roosted on the horizon. Bowing down to others when the day was done use to be the norm for me. But where am I…

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